KABA Simplex 900 Series Auxiliary Pushbutton Keyless Deadbolt Lock with Thumbturn

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4.00 lbs
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The KABA 900 series can be mounted directly above an existing keyed-in lock. The 900 series can be used as either a primary or secondary lock, providing key-less, convenient light traffic security. Produced with a manufacturer backed by over a hundred years of experience, the 900 series won't let you down.


  • Single access code-one easy to manage code for all users
  • Lock is easily programmed via keypad without removing lock from the door
  • Field reversible latch; invert the lock for right hand doors; roman numerals are easily read in either orientation


Locking Device Options:

  • Deadbolt - 1" throw, manual relock
  • Deadlocking latch -?" throw, with automatic relock

Operation Mode Options

  • Single credential-access
  • Latch holdback-keeps latch retracted to allow access with combination (select models)
Certification and Standards
Highly weather resistant
1 year warranty

Kaba products have been securing the thoughts and belongings of tenants, families, and business owners since 1862. Kaba's tagline is "beyond security" which means their products offer the highest standards of safety as well as top quality designs and innovations to exceed customer satisfaction.

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