Bain Signature Basin


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Details: Bain Signature Basin

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

B-Colin Ceramic, Colin, Drop-In, Overflow
B-Foster Ceramic, Undermount, Overflow, Foster
B-Kenny Ceramic, Undermount, Overflow, Kenny
B-Simone Ceramic, Undermount, Overflow, Simone
B-Lydia Ceramic, Over-The-Counter, Lydia, No Overflow
B-Melanie Ceramic, Over-The-Counter, Overflow, Melanie
B-Morgan Ceramic, Over-The-Counter, Morgan, Overflow
B-Newman Ceramic, Over-The-Counter, Overflow, Newman
B-Nicole Over-The-Counter, Nicole, No Overflow, Stone
B-Patrick Over-The-Counter, Patrick, No Overflow, Stone
B-Adam Ceramic, Over-The-Counter, Adam, No Overflow


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Bain Signature Basin

Bain Signature Basin

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