Baldwin Hardware Estate Series 8252 Boulder Keyless Entry Deadbolt


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Details: Baldwin Hardware Estate Series 8252 Boulder Keyless Entry Deadbolt

Both elegant and convenient, Baldwin's keyless locks serve to simplify your life while offering the best in style and security. Imagine entering your home with ease, by simply pushing a few buttons. No more juggling items and digging through bags and pockets in search of your keys! Baldwin's keyless locks allow you to program your own personal code that you can punch in for access. The need for keys is completely eliminated! These electronic deadbolts are backlit, too, so entering your home at night will never pose a challenge again!

Having guests or contractors enter your home or garage while you're away, and worried about revealing your code? Baldwin is one step ahead of you! These electronic keyless locks offer control over who has access to your home, allowing you to assign a temporary code that can be used circumstances when you need to allow access to a non-resident. These deadbolts also enable you to reset your code as often as you'd like for added security. There is also a lockout feature that you can engage when the incorrect code has been entered more than once; this provides added security, but you always have the option of using keyed entry if you happen to lock yourself out by entering the incorrect code accidentally.

Baldwin keyless locks complement any Baldwin knob or lever and are ideal for a garage door or entry door. Enjoy the peace of mind you will get, knowing that your family and your valuables are safe, protected by a brand name that you can trust.

Baldwin's keyless locks are simple to install - no hard wiring! Installation requires only a screwdriver and takes only a few minutes. Once installed, the deadbolt requires 4 AA batteries. Based on regular usage, approximately 15 entries per day, these 4 batteries should last you over one year. A red LED light will indicate when the batteries are running low, and this light is easily detectable on both the interior and exterior of the lock, so that there's no missing the warning, and you'll have plenty of time to replace the batteries and ensure your home's security. The beeper feature gives you an audible signal that your door is locked, and the LED light feature allows you to see whether your door is locked from a distance. Baldwin plans to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle when you've got a lot on your mind and on your schedule; the deadbolt can be programmed to lock after it has been open for 30 seconds, just in case you forget.

This electronic deadbolt is made with durable and weatherproof materials, made to resist rust and corrosion. The keypad has a protective coating to prevent wear and discoloration over time and keep your electronic deadbolt looking new. This product is built to withstand the elements, as well as the test of time. Baldwin offers only the best in quality and security; this is a product that is sure to keep your home safe, secure, and looking beautiful!


  • Back-lit keypad for increased visibility
  • One-touch locking with a motorized deadbolt
  • 2 customizable access codes
  • Easy Install in Minutes w/ Screwdriver
  • Fits Standard Tubular Door Prep
  • No Hard Wiring Required
  • Two Customizable User Codes with Easy Add & Delete Four to Eight Digit Codes
  • One Touch Locking
  • Incorrect Code Lockout Feature
  • Automatic Door Locking after 30 Seconds
  • Door Locked / Unlocked led indicator
  • Audible beep for activation
  • Requires 4 AA Batteries
  • Low Battery LED Indicator
  • Tapered Deadbolt Design - Compensates for Door Misalignment Conditions
  • Protective Coated Keypad Preventing Wear & Discoloration
  • Automatic Handing Feature
  • Solid Forged Brass Trim
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


Door Prep
2⅛" Bore, 1" Edge Bore
Adjustable 2⅜" or 2¾"
Door Thickness
1¾" to 2"
5-Pin C-Keyway
1" Square Corner
Interior Dimensions
7.93" H × 3.43" W × 2.55" Projection
Square Corner Strike with reinforcing plate
features 1" Throw
Constructed of Brass - tapered with security pin
Reversable - Compatible with Right Handed or Left Handed Doors

The Baldwin Hardware Estate Series 8252 Keypad Entry Boulder Electronic Deadbolt brings luxury home with a style and design to fit any homeowner's dream. Baldwin is the king of flexibility, offering numerous possibilities for customization in both style and function. Whether looking for a Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic, or Couture style of home, you can be sure that the Baldwin Hardware Estate Series 8252 Keypad Entry Boulder Electronic Deadbolt will be the best first and last impression you can give your guests.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

8252.102.AC1 Oxidized Satin Bronze
8252.112.AC1 Venetian Bronze
8252.003.AC1 Lifetime (PVD) Polished Brass
8252.402.AC1 Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze


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Baldwin Hardware Estate Series 8252 Boulder Keyless Entry Deadbolt

Baldwin Hardware Estate Series 8252 Boulder Keyless Entry Deadbolt

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