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Cal-Royal PL7100 Grade 1 Commercial Phone Lock


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Details: Cal-Royal PL7100 Grade 1 Commercial Phone Lock

Latch bolt operated by lever from either side, except outside has to use a pre-programmed RFID card or a registered smart phone to touch the face of the face lock in order to retract the latch upon turning the lever. Key overrides the use of the RFID card and smartphone.


  • Improved gear drive eliminating unexpected Passage Mode
  • Re-designed retractor
  • New heavy duty latchbolt
  • Re-tooled mounting bracket to ensure bolt stays flushed when retracted


Apple and Android Compatible
iPhone 4S or above with iOS 8.0 and above. Android 4.3 or above with Bluetooth Low Energy capability
Gateway Connectivity
Optional gateway device to connect compatible locks to the internet, so users can manage locks remotely
Bluetooth Connectivity
Lock can be managed / synced using the K3 (Apple) and K3 (Android phones without NFC), and K3+ (Android phones with NFC) app
NFC (Near Field Communication) Interface
NFC compatible for android phones. For the complete list of phones, please go to link:
Admin Phone
A lock can only have one Administrator phone at a time. Only smartphones are used as Administrator
Access Log
The K3 app features a 24 / 7 activity log, so you can keep track of who accessed the lock. A timestamped access log can be shared by the Admin phone via email
Passage Mode
Once enabled by the Admin, the unit is unlocked continuously until "Disable Passage Mode" is initiated
Tones and LED Indicators
Indicates the operating status of the lock accompanied by the corresponding tones / beeps
Restricted Access Right
PL7100 can be programmed to specify the access period or intervals of users
Keypad Anti-Tamper Lockout
If an invalid code is entered 3 times consecutively, the unit will alarm 10 beeps and stay idle for 1 minute
Remote Switch / Release
PL7100 provides 2 remote switches. Either can be used for an emergency push button switch, or can be connected to alarm systems IE fire alarms
RFID Card (Standard)
Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructure. Operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with ISO 14443A. Inductive distance up to 1-3/16"
RFID KEY FOB (Optional)
Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructure. Operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with ISO 14443A. Inductive distance up to 1-3/16"
Weather Resistant
The PL7100 is designed to make sure that internal electronic parts are protected from moisture, dust, water and corrosion. All models are weather resistant with operating temperature of +149°F to -4°F (+65°C to -20°C) and storage temperature of +176°F to -22°F (+80°C to -30°C)
Low Battery Warning
When voltage is lower than safety power, PL7100 gives beep sound warnings after unlocking the device
Clutch Technology
The outside lever of the PL7100 is a free-wheeling lever. If no valid code is entered, the lever will just turn freely without moving any parts inside. Thus, preventing breaking or tampering
PL7100 is reversible for left and right hand openings

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage
4x AA 1.5V Alkaline
Operating Temperature
+149°F to -4°F (+65°C to -20°C)
Storage Temperature
+176°F to -22°F (+80°C to -30°C)
Operating Humidity
5% to 95% relative humidity; non-condensing
Transmit Frequency
User ID Capacity
1 Admin + 49 Client Phones + 50 Digital Touch Screen Combinations + 50 (Cards / Key Fobs)

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

PL7100 US26D Satin Chrome
PL7100 US10B Oxidized Satin Bronze
PL7100 US4 Satin Brass
PL7100 US3 Bright Brass
PL7100 US26 Bright Chrome


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Cal-Royal PL7100 Grade 1 Commercial Phone Lock

Cal-Royal PL7100 Grade 1 Commercial Phone Lock

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