Cal-Royal SC Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset w/ Sectional Trim

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Details: Cal-Royal SC Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset w/ Sectional Trim

  • UL and CSFM Listings
  • Continuous duty solenoids for cooler operation during "continuously on" applications
  • Standard plug-in rectifier allows for an AC or DC power source
  • Low current draw
  • Numerous switch options
  • 3 year "No Hassle" warranty
  • Optional- Voltage requirement -12 VAC/DC or 24 VAC/DC
  • Optional- Amperage - 700mA @ 12V or 350mA @ 24V
  • Optional- Function - available "Fail Safe" (FS) or "Fail Secure" (FSE)
For Doors
1-3/4" thick standard. For doors over 1-3/4", specify door thickness
Lock Hand
Lock bodies are easily field reversible, no need to specify hand when ordering
Backset & Strike
2-4/3" only backset. Brass or stainless steel stike; ANSI Standard A115.1, curve lip with dust box
Lock Case
Heavy Duty wrought steel, zinc dichromate plated
C to C
Center of lever to center of cylinders is 3-7/8"
Armor Faceplate
Brass or stainless steel; 8" × 1-7/32"; ANSI Standard A115.1
1" throw; hardened stainless steel
3/4" throw; one-piece stainless steel with anti-friction reversible tongue
Cylinder & Keyways
6-pin solid brass "C" keyway standard. Optional: Schlage E, Schlage C-K, Russwin, D1-2-3-4, Corbin 59/60, Corbin-Russwin L4, Sargent LA-LB-LC, Falcon/Weiser E, Arrow A, Yale 8, Yale GA and Kwikset. Can also accept Medeco, Assa, Kaba and Cal-Royal HSK High Security Cylinders
Interchangeable Core
Interchangeable Core locks will accept compatible 6 or 7 pin cores with BEST, FALCON and ARROW. Also available with SCHLAGE, large format cylinders
Toggle Button
High rust-resistant chrome plated zinc alloy
Master Keying
Can be master-keyed or grand master-keyed, construction keying available
US3, 4, 10, 10B, 15, 26, 26D, 32, 32D
Auxiliary Latch
Stainless Steel, non-handed

Heavy Duty Mortise Lock Comparison Chart

FunctionANSI#Cal-RoyalNT Falcon M SeriesArrow B SeriesRusswin CorbinSargent 7800/8200Schlage L SeriesPDQ MR SeriesYaleHager
Single Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Single Cylinder With Deadbolt
Keyed Privacy Indicator---SC8495M451---ML2024, M19---L9495, L9496---8864---
Double Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Apartment Enterance/VestibuleF09SC8060M381BM32ML504216L9060MR1868817---
Double Cylinder With Deadbolt
Storeroom UtilityF14SC8466M371BM31ML202226L9466MR1378860---
Other Functions
Privacy/BathroomF02/F19/F22SC8060M311BM02ML202065L9040MR178, MR17988023840
Privacy with Indicator---SC8445------ML2020, ML1949------88623896
Single Fixed Dummy---SC8170M12BM08ML205093L0170MR21188553817
Double Fixed Dummy---SC8172M18BM09ML207096L0172MR20588383827

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

SC8456 US10B TS Corridor, Oxidized Satin Bronze, TS
SC8082 US26 JS Bright Chrome, Institution, JS
SC8170 US26D SS Satin Chrome, Single Fixed Dummy, SS
SC8456 US10B HS Corridor, Oxidized Satin Bronze, HS
SC8082 US26 GS Bright Chrome, Institution, GS
SC8170 US26D AS Satin Chrome, Single Fixed Dummy, AS
SC8456 US26 SS Bright Chrome, Corridor, SS
SC8082 US26 TS Bright Chrome, Institution, TS
SC8170 US26D JS Satin Chrome, Single Fixed Dummy, JS
SC8456 US26 AS Bright Chrome, Corridor, AS
SC8082 US26 HS Bright Chrome, Institution, HS
SC8170 US26D GS Satin Chrome, Single Fixed Dummy, GS
SC8456 US26 JS Bright Chrome, Corridor, JS
SC8082 US26D SS Satin Chrome, Institution, SS
SC8170 US26D TS Satin Chrome, Single Fixed Dummy, TS

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Cal-Royal SC Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset w/ Sectional Trim

Cal-Royal SC Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset w/ Sectional Trim

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