Cavity Sliders TSFH2 CS FH-Ceiling Mount Track -Double



Details: Cavity Sliders TSFH2 CS FH-Ceiling Mount Track -Double

One of the most effective ways to make your space feel more open and taller is by using full-height doors. The base of this track sits flush with the ceiling, allowing the sliding doors to span from floor to ceiling. The specialised extrusions enable ceiling linings to be fixed flush with the underside of the track. The track can also be powder coated to help blend with the ceiling color.


  • High-quality, heavy duty extruded aluminum.
  • Double or Triple track configurations.
  • Fits into typical ceiling batten spaces as the total track height is 36mm.?
  • Track can be configured to suit Bi-Parting and bypass door setups, including CornerMeeting detail.
  • Door pick-up system is available for use with multiple track set-ups.
  • Single track option also available.


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

TSFH2-NSS-138 1", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-2 2", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-3 3", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-4 4", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-5 5", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-6 6", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-7 7", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-8 8", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-9 9", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-10 10", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-11 11", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-12 12", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-13 13", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-14 14", 1-3/4"
TSFH2-138-15 15", 1-3/4"

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Cavity Sliders TSFH2 CS FH-Ceiling Mount Track -Double

Cavity Sliders TSFH2 CS FH-Ceiling Mount Track -Double

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