Cavity Sliders TSTM3 CS Top Mount Track - Triple



Details: Cavity Sliders TSTM3 CS Top Mount Track - Triple

CS TopMount Track is a smooth running low profile sliding door track system suitable for incorporating into pocket door frame and bypass wardrobe assemblies.

The addition of the TopMount Track and CS carriage system allows you to transform a standard pocket door into a luxury item. This system is ideal for use in applications where longevity of use and smooth operation are required. TopMount Track is available as standard in a double or triple sliding door track configuration.


  • Tracks can be used for bypass and collection systems.
  • Tracks can be configured to suit Bi-Parting door set-ups, including CornerMeeting detail.
  • Custom lengths can be cut to order.
  • Heavy duty one-piece extruded aluminum track.
  • Pre-machined mounting holes.
  • CarriSnap quick release system allows the door to be removed easily from track.
  • Single track option also available.


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

TSTM3138-NSS 1-3/8", 1'
TSTM3138-2 1-3/8", 2'
TSTM3138-3 1-3/8", 3'
TSTM3138-4 1-3/8", 4'
TSTM3138-5 1-3/8", 5'
TSTM3138-6 1-3/8", 6'
TSTM3138-7 1-3/8", 7'
TSTM3138-8 1-3/8", 8'
TSTM3138-9 1-3/8", 9'
TSTM3138-10 1-3/8", 10'
TSTM3138-11 1-3/8", 11'
TSTM3138-12 1-3/8", 12'
TSTM3138-13 1-3/8", 13'
TSTM3138-14 1-3/8", 14'
TSTM3138-15 1-3/8", 15'

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Cavity Sliders TSTM3 CS Top Mount Track - Triple

Cavity Sliders TSTM3 CS Top Mount Track - Triple

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