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Corbin Russwin HPSK Series Push, Pull Paddle Trim for ML2000 Series


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Details: Corbin Russwin HPSK Series Push, Pull Paddle Trim for ML2000 Series

The ML2000 Series is a Grade 1 mortise lock designed to meet the rigors of high-traffic commercial, institutional, industrial and government applications. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, the lockbody features our patented Quick Reversible latchbolt, and a 1" stainless steel deadbolt. A wide variety of trim designs and functions and a 10-year warranty lend to the ML2000's versatility and reliability, making it the ideal choice for use in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and other high-use applications.

Security: Further discourage intrusion and abuse with the ML2000VR (Vandal Resistant) Series mortise lock featuring vandal-resistant stainless steel escutcheons with tapered edges and Torx® pin tamper resistant screws. When matched with Corbin Russwin patented high-security Pyramid or Access 3® cylinders, any door can become a formidable barrier to intruders.

Aesthetics: Complement any application with the full range of trim designs and finishes offered with ML2000 Series. From stainless steel security trims to bright brass Vineyard™ levers, design continuum can be achieved without forfeiting aesthetics. For additional information regarding designer trim, see the Corbin Russwin Vineyard™ Collection and Muséo® Collection catalogs.

Features List

  • Patented Quick Reversible feature enables reversal of hands without disassembling the lock case
  • Security trims provide a vandal-resistant barrier
  • Can be used with new or existing Corbin Russwin key systems, including patented high-security Pyramid or Access 3 cylinders. Also accepts cylinders of most other manufacturers.
  • Provides life safety and security in a single door prep, saving the additional cost of a deadlock
  • Through-bolted trim designs for proper alignment and increased security



Available Model Numbers and Combinations

ML2069HPSKLH Single Cylinder - Institution Privacy, Left Hand
ML2055HPSKRH Single Cylinder - Classroom A02, Right Hand
ML2065HPSKRHR Single Cylinder w/ Deadbolt - Dormitory, Right Hand Reverse
ML2062HPSKLH Double Cylinder w/ Deadbolt - Intruder Deadbolt, Left Hand
ML20915HPSKRH No Cylinder Override - Fail Safe, Right Hand
ML2090HSPKLH Non-Keyed - Full Active Dummy Trim, Left Hand
ML2042HPSKRH Double Cylinder - Entrance, Right Hand
ML2092HPSKRHR Double Cylinder w/ Deadbolt - Security Institution, Right Hand Reverse
ML2020HPSKLH Non-Keyed - Privacy Bedroom or Bathroom (Non-Panic release), Left Hand
ML2058HPSKRHR Single Cylinder - Entrance Holdback, Right Hand Reverse
ML2068HPSKLH Single Cylinder - Privacy or Apartment, Left Hand
ML2075HPSKLHR Single Cylinder w/ Deadbolt - Entrance or Office, Left Hand Reverse
ML2062HPSKRH Double Cylinder w/ Deadbolt - Intruder Deadbolt, Right Hand
ML2069HPSKRH Single Cylinder - Institution Privacy, Right Hand
ML2059HPSKLH Single Cylinder w/ Deadbolt - Security Storeroom, Left Hand

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Corbin Russwin HPSK Series Push, Pull Paddle Trim for ML2000 Series

Corbin Russwin HPSK Series Push, Pull Paddle Trim for ML2000 Series

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