Digilock Axis Touch RFID Locker Lock


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Details: Digilock Axis Touch RFID Locker Lock

Designed for every application, Axis Touch RFID locks operate in shared use functionality to secure day use lockers or in assigned use functionality to secure private lockers. Axis Touch RFID locks operate with an touch RFID interface. The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA compliant User Key.

Touch RFID operation

RFID standards - iClass and Mifare (13.56 MHz)
ISO 14443A • ISO 14443B • ISO 15693

All metal housing
Slim 5/16" (8mm) profile
IP55 rated for moisture and dust protection
Standard, vertical, or horizontal body style
With or without pull handle
Brushed nickel or black finish
Visual & audible indicators
Manage with electronic keys or mobile device
Programmable auto unlock
Customizable settings
Built-in audit trail
3-5 year battery life
Powered by 4 premium AA batteries
Up to 5 year warranty

Deadbolt or deadlatch available, both 1/2" (12.7mm). Deadbolt can be used for assigned or shared use functionality, while deadlatch is for assigned use functionality only.

Shared Use: In shared use functionality, the locks are designed for day-use lockers. The user chooses an available locker and operates it with a self-selected user credential. Once the locker is vacated, it becomes available for a different user.

Assigned Use: In assigned use functionality, the locks are designed for lockers that are for private use. The user is assigned a locker and operates it with their assigned user credential.

All Axis Touch RFID locks are surface mounted. The touch RFID interface connects to the locking mechanism via a snap lock cable connector that tucks neatly into an integrated cable pocket. The mounting design accommodates a door thickness of up to 2" (50.8mm). Programming and management access are accomplished via patented electronic keys. An optional mobile application allows simplified lock management and audit trail.


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Digilock Axis Touch RFID Locker Lock

Digilock Axis Touch RFID Locker Lock

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