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Dortronics 8112 Series Digital Keypad


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Details: Dortronics 8112 Series Digital Keypad

Stand Alone Access Control

The 8112 series keypad Control System will provide a cost effective solution for control of independent doors and gates. All programming is accomplished from the front panel without need of a separate programmer.

Non-Volatile Memory

Programming is maintained in non volatile EEPROM memory to maintain codes and instructions without power.

120 Unique Codes

This keypad control system will allow up to 120 valid user codes. Codes from one to six digits long may be enabled and disabled from the front keypad.

Heavy Duty Relay Output

The main controlled output is a 6 amp form C relay rated with a 10 amp surge capacity. This main relay can be set from 0 -255 seconds (4 minutes, 15 seconds)

Auxiliary Outputs

Three additional outputs can be individually timed or act as toggle switches. These may be triggered individually or in combination by code.

Remote Activation Input

This normally open input can be programmed to activate any combination of outputs. Upon a momentary closure of this input, the selected outputs will energize for their programmed time. This input is normally used to connect a request to exit device.

Keypad Feedback

Keypad interactions are acknowledged by LED illumination and audible feedback when keys are depressed. A keypad can be programmed to cause the activation of an output to turn on a light or camera.

Interior & Exterior Applications

The 8112 is for interior use only. It mounts to a single gang back box and has 12 individual keys. The 8112-WR is a weather resistant unit with a membrane overlay to protect the unit from moisture. Although the 8112-WR is weather resistant it is not weather proof. The use of a plexiglass cover # 5210/COV is recommended for applications where direct exposure to the elements is unavoidable. For extreme conditions also see our 8160 Series Heavy duty Vandal proof line of Keypads


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

8112 Not Included
8112WR Included


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Dortronics 8112 Series Digital Keypad

Dortronics 8112 Series Digital Keypad

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