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Glynn-Johnson 81 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Overhead Holder (Formerly 80 Series)


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Details: Glynn-Johnson 81 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Overhead Holder (Formerly 80 Series)


81 Series Heavy-Duty

Glynn Johnson offers the most complete line of overhead holders and stops, providing solutions for the most complex door control problems. These surface-mounted holders and stops offer the most effective shock-absorbing capacity, helping protect doors, frames and hardware.


  • Unmatched Convenience:
  • Reversible
  • Single-Acting Doors
  • Interior/Exterior Applications
  • Durable
  • Easy to Install


Designed for heavy-duty applications, these models provide long-lasting protection for doors, frames, hardware and surrounding walls or obstructions. They are compatible with most door closers and feature an extremely reliable Hold-Open function and rugged shock absorption. All models feature jointed-arm design and centered jamb bracket.

81H Series Hold-Open

(Suffix H) The Hold-Open model should be used when doors will need to be held open at a preset position for an extended period. This allows unobstructed traffic flow. Hold-Open model provides a selective Hold-Open function. A simple turn of the thumbturn disables the Hold-Open function, allowing the unit to serve as a shock absorbing stop.

81S Series Stop-Only

(Suffix S) When the Hold-Open function is not required, the Stop-Only models provide the same effective door control, without the Hold-Open feature. The Stop-Only model may be used on fire doors.


Suffix J (Angle Jamb Bracket):

An option on the 81 series is the "J" angle jamb bracket, which converts the standard model to hinge side mounting (on Stop-Only models) or to flush transom mounting. The angle jamb bracket affixes to the standard jamb bracket. If ordered with unit add suffix J. If need separately order 81J by finish needed.

Suffix Soc (Pin-In-Socket Security Screws):

A screw package with pin-in-socket screws for mounting the door bracket and the jamb bracket is provided instead of the standard screw package.

Suffix Shim (Blade Stop Shims):

  • Shim kits are available in 3 sizes
  • 81 SHIM1 is a¼" Shim Kit
  • 81 SHIM2 is a½" Shim Kit
  • 81 SHIM3 is a¾" Shim Kit
  • If ordered with overhead, add suffix SHIM (1, 2 or 3). If needed separately order 81 SHIM 1, 2, or 3 by finish needed.

Materials And Finishes:

In Brass, Steel or 300 Stainless Steel, these models offer the broadest range of finishes in the industry, complementing any design. Stainless Steel models offer the highest resistance to corrosion. Available in the following finishes:


  • US3 Polished Brass
  • US4 Satin Brass
  • US10 Satin Bronze
  • US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • US32 Polished Stainless Steel
  • US32D Satin Stainless Steel
  • 652 Chrome-like Coating


Known throughout the industry as the "overhead door holder specialist," Glynn-Johnson has made its name with state-of-the-art manufacturing and technology. Delivering both superior quality and exceptional performance, Glynn-Johnson products are offered in a wide variety of popular finishes and configurations providing the flexibility needed to meet the most demanding door control applications.

Glynn Johnson recognizes that the best door control device is one that functions overhead. Commercial doors are much too heavy for door hinges, making the Glynn-Johnson 81 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Overhead Holders & Stops - Formerly 80 Series jamb and arm design the best solution for a company looking to secure their doors. Furthermore the overhead holder is out of the way, unlike floor or wall-mounted stops which are a tripping hazard and are open to accidents and easy vandalism.

Glynn-Johnson 81 Series Surface Overhead Door Holders/Stops

Butts/offset PivotsCenter Hung
SizeDoor OpeningStop OnlyHold OpenDoor OpeningStop OnlyHold Open
327-1⁄16" - 33"813S813H33-1⁄16" - 39"813S813H
433-1⁄16" - 39"814S814H39-1⁄16" - 45"814S814H
539-1⁄16" - 45"815S815H45-1⁄16" - 51"815S815H
645-1⁄16" - 51"816S816H51-1⁄16" - 59"816S816H


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Glynn-Johnson 81 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Overhead Holder (Formerly 80 Series)

Glynn-Johnson 81 Series Heavy-Duty Surface Overhead Holder (Formerly 80 Series)

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