GMS M1 Mortise Cylinder 6 Pin


Details: GMS M1 Mortise Cylinder 6 Pin


  • Exact pinning specifications as original systems
  • Solid brass construction
  • 22 keyways
  • 6 popular lengths
  • 7 popular cams
  • Available in eight finishes


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

M138SC4SLKD Schlage C, Satin Brass, Schlage L,
M138SCF10BEKS Schlage F, Satin Bronze, Best Mortise,
M138SX15ARA2 Schlage C-K, Satin Nickel, Adams Rite,
M158SC19SLKD Schlage C, Schlage L,
M158SCE26DBEKS Schlage E, Satin Chrome, Best Mortise,
M158SCF4ARA2 Schlage F, Satin Brass, Adams Rite,
M158SX10BSLKD Schlage C-K, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Schlage L,
M134SCE32DBEKS Schlage E, Stainless Steel, Best Mortise,
M134SCF19ARA2 Schlage F, Adams Rite,
M134SX26SLKD Schlage C-K, Polished Chrome, Schlage L,
M178SC3BEKS Schlage C, Polished Brass, Best Mortise,
M178SCE10BARA2 Schlage E, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Adams Rite,
M178SX10SLKD Schlage C-K, Satin Bronze, Schlage L,
M200SC15BEKS 2", Schlage C, Satin Nickel, Best Mortise,
M200SCE26ARA2 2", Schlage E, Polished Chrome, Adams Rite,

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GMS M1 Mortise Cylinder 6 Pin

GMS M1 Mortise Cylinder 6 Pin

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