HES K100-622H Wireless Aperio Cabinet / Drawer Security Lock w/ 1:1 Hub


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Details: HES K100-622H Wireless Aperio Cabinet / Drawer Security Lock w/ 1:1 Hub

The HES KS100 server cabinet lock with Aperio® technology tie to an existing electronic access control system. This convenient system brings real-time access control in a single-card system to individual server cabinet doors, greatly improving the monitoring and security level of each server cabinet.

It uses existing ID badges so there are no keys to control or replace and no codes to secure or remember. The KS100 protects servers from malicious or accidental tampering without adding a credential.

The HES KS100 server cabinet lock is available as either a pre-configured lock and hub kit or as a field configurable components of an integrated access control deployment.

Kit includes lock with integrated iCLASS or PROX reader and paired Wiegand 1:1 wireless hub

K100-621 1st generation and K100-621 2nd generation Aperio™ cabinet locks have been replaced by the K100-622 3rd generation cabinet lock; replacements will require field modification.


  • FCC Part 15 and Industry Canada compliant
  • Operating temperature +32 to +122F [0 to +50C]
  • Low frequency model supports: HID Prox, EM Prox
  • High frequency model supports: iCLASS®, iCLASS SEOS™, iCLASS SE, ISO 14443B UID, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Mifare Desfire EV1, Mifare Desfire SE, NFC
  • HIgh security Grade 1 asset protection with audit control
  • Lock and DPS status monitoring
  • Fully encrypted AES 128 bit wireless communication
  • Online & offline transaction audit trail capabilities
  • Designed for standard 25 mm × 150 mm server lock openings
  • Patents pending & D725,992

Standard Features

  • Wireless Aperio technology
  • Integrates with existing access control systems and ID badges
  • Supports HID 125 kHz proximity or 13.56 MHz iCLASS® contactless credentials
  • Static strength 250 lbs
  • Non-handed
  • Mechanical key override capable with SFIC (SFIC not included)
  • Three year limited warranty


  • PoE hardwired via standard IEEE 802.3af, 48 VDC Power over Ethernet (PoE Injector not included)
  • Optional 24 VDC (+/- 10%) Input

Aperio Technology

  • Quick, easy wireless deployments
  • Fully encrypted AES 128 wireless communication between the KS100 cabinet lock and hub ensures data security
  • Aperio wireless hub connects to an access control system with Wiegand wiring plus additional DPS and tamper signal wires.


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

KS100-622H-SE-W2 iCLASS SE Reader, White, Thumbturn
KS100-622H-SE-W3 iCLASS SE Reader, White, ADA Lever
KS100-622H-SE-B2 iCLASS SE Reader, Black, Thumbturn
KS100-622H-SE-B3 iCLASS SE Reader, Black, ADA Lever
KS100-622H-PA-W2 Prox Reader, White, Thumbturn
KS100-622H-PA-W3 Prox Reader, White, ADA Lever
KS100-622H-PA-B2 Prox Reader, Black, Thumbturn
KS100-622H-PA-B3 Prox Reader, Black, ADA Lever


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HES K100-622H Wireless Aperio Cabinet / Drawer Security Lock w/ 1:1 Hub

HES K100-622H Wireless Aperio Cabinet / Drawer Security Lock w/ 1:1 Hub

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