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HES SB: 310-1 Folger Adam Electric Strike Body


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Details: HES SB: 310-1 Folger Adam Electric Strike Body

The 310 Series is a 3 hour fire-rated, industrial grade electric strike designed for extreme heavy duty applications. The all stainless steel construction of this device makes it ideal for high abuse applications that would disable other electric strikes.<br /><br />


For a 1/2" or 5/8" throw latchbolt (without deadbolt) on single and pairs of doors.

1/2" keeper standard


For a 3/4" throw latchbolt (without deadbolt) on single and pairs of doors.

<em>3/4" keeper standard</em>


For a pair of doors, without a door coordinator, which are equipped with a lock having a 3/4" throw latchbolt (without deadbolt).

<em>3/4" keeper standard</em>


For a lockset with both a 3/4" throw latchbolt and a 1" throw deadbolt.

Deadbolt must be retracted manually. Position of block within cavity is adjustable for RH and LH applications

1" keeper standard


  • UL 10C fire-rated, 3 hour single door (fail secure only)
  • UL 10C fire-rated, 3 hour double door (fail secure only)
  • CAN4-S104 (ULC-S104) fire door conformant
  • UL1034, burglary-resistant listed
  • UL 294 (6th Edition) listed
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.31, Grade 1
  • New York City accepted
  • NFPA-252 fire door conformant
  • ASTM-E152 fire door conformant
  • RoHS compliant


  • .51 Amps @ 12VDC continuous duty
  • .25 Amps @ 24VDC continuous duty

Standard Features

  • Tamper resistant, heavy-duty construction
  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Static strength 1,500 lbs.
  • Dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs.
  • Endurance rating 500,000 cycles
  • Horizontally adjustable keeper to allow for door and frame misalignment
  • 1/2" keeper depth (310-2)
  • Non-handed
  • Fail Secure (standard)
  • Plug-in connector
  • Five year limited warranty

Faceplates & Accessories

  • 152 - Universal Mounting Tabs
  • 310-2-3 - Strike latch guard
  • 152 - Universal mounting tabs
  • 2001M - Plug-in bridge rectifier
  • 2001-1 - Wire-in bridge rectifier
  • 2004M - ElectroLynx® adapter
  • 2005M3 - SMART Pac III™
  • 2006M - Plug-in buzzer

HES Compatibility Chart

HESFolger AdamAdams RiteVon DuprinRCITrineSDC
Complete, One Box, SolutionsStandard, Models
1006CS, 1006CLB1006J712-75, 732-756211, 6400F2164410055
1006CS, 1006CLB1006K, 1006KD, 1006KM742-756210, 6400F21644100
1006CS, 1006CDB1006A, 1006AD, 1006AM
1006CS, 1006CDB1006N, 1006ND, 1006NM6210F2164
1006CS, 1006CDB1006T, 1006TD
1006CS, 1006CDB1006H, 1006HD, 1006HMF2164
1006CS, 1006CDB1006E
1006J2310-2, 310-2 3/46215, 6224, 6226
4500C742-757240, 72706210F21644100
5000C5000-5017140, 7340, 7410, 74114200, 5100L651425-4U
5000C5000-501A7101, 7160, 7300, 74404200, 5100L650425-4U
5000-5027110, 7310, 74105100L6508
5000-5037130, 7430L6507
5200C5200-5015100S6514, 7114, 7314201245-4S
5200C5200-501A5100S6504, 7104, 730445-4R
5200-5025100S6508, 7108, 7308200245-7R
5200-503S6507, 7107, 73072678145-6R
7000C7000-791712, 7327400, 7401, 7440
7000C7000-7927410, 7411
7000-78374R1, 74R2
8000C8000-801, 8000-801A
8000-801E, 8000-802, 8000-803
8500 Series
310-20B6222, 6225
310-4-1, 310-4-2, 310-4-3, 310-4-30
310-6-1, 310-6-2, 310-6-3, 310-6-8, 310-6-30

NOTE:This chart is offered as a convenience only. Reference should be made to the idividual manufactuer's catalogs for complete data as to exact equivalents. There may be some variation in physical size, electrical characteristics and durability between strikes of different manufacturers. HES assumes no liability for differenes between items compared. When compatibility is a concern, contact Customer Support at 800-626-7590 for application assistance. NOTE: The 109 trim adapter may be required for a neater appearance in retro fit application where the strike lop dimensions exceed 3-3/8". NOTE:This chart details the HES and Folger Adam products that can replace competitors products, but not necessarily the reverse.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

310-1(1/2)-12D 1/2", Fail Secure, 12D, Not Included
310-1(1/2)-12D-LCBMA 1/2", Fail Secure, 12D, Included
310-1(1/2)-24D 1/2", Fail Secure, 24D, Not Included
310-1(1/2)-24D-LCBMA 1/2", Fail Secure, 24D, Included
310-1(1/2)-F-12D 1/2", Fail Safe, 12D, Not Included
310-1(1/2)-F-12D-LCBMA 1/2", Fail Safe, 12D, Included
310-1(1/2)-F-24D 1/2", Fail Safe, 24D, Not Included
310-1(1/2)-F-24D-LCBMA 1/2", Fail Safe, 24D, Included
310-1(3/4)-12D 3/4", Fail Secure, 12D, Not Included
310-1(3/4)-12D-LCBMA 3/4", Fail Secure, 12D, Included
310-1(3/4)-24D 3/4", Fail Secure, 24D, Not Included
310-1(3/4)-24D-LCBMA 3/4", Fail Secure, 24D, Included
310-1(3/4)-F-12D 3/4", Fail Safe, 12D, Not Included
310-1(3/4)-F-12D-LCBMA 3/4", Fail Safe, 12D, Included
310-1(3/4)-F-24D 3/4", Fail Safe, 24D, Not Included

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HES SB: 310-1 Folger Adam Electric Strike Body

HES SB: 310-1 Folger Adam Electric Strike Body

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