Kaba EP-MU-COM-001 PC M-Unit Kit For Laptop & Netbook Programming Of E-Plex Locks


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Today, virtually all locks have to be re-keyed, or changed out when a key goes missing, or someone leaves. Not to mention tracking is impossible. Don't waste another dime on your outmoded keyed system. Instead, get the new E-Plex® keyless locks that you can reprogram and audit using your your laptop PC or netbook. Whether you are a small office or gigantic outfit, all you need are the locks, software, and this M-Unit to ramp up security and eliminate the inconveniences caused by keys. This M-Unit consist of a USB Flash Drive, an IrDA to USB adaptor ('plug-n-play' infrared drive - ActiSys) for data transfer between your laptop, netbook, or Pocket PC* and your locks; a USB Extension Cable to facilitate lock programming, and an easy to understand Getting Started Guide. (on the flash drive) E-Plex® Standard, or Enterprise software is required to be running, before plugging in your USB > IrDA adaptor. Once you plug in the adaptor, the M-Unit software will initialize to complete your setup of your laptop or netbook PC.

If you are running the Enterprise software in a network installation, you can have multiple people using their laptops or netbooks for managing users, doors, and locks. Colleges, Schools, Corporations, Hospitals, and Government organizations with large numbers of doors and locations can assign supervisors and managers which group or groups of users and doors to maintain. The facility administrator will have visibility into updates made globally on the system.

PC Requirements

  • Standard Laptop PC: MS Window's compatible PC with minimum Pentium-III 500+MHz processor. Minimum 1 GB of RAM. Minimum of 4 GB of free hard disc space when using smaller SQL database
  • Mini Laptop (Netbook) PC: Microsoft XP Home or higher OS and minimum 1MB of RAM, 4GB of storage memory (flash or hard-drive), 1 available USB port; wired and/or wireless LAN interface for network communication to host PC is optional
  • *Pocket PC PDA (HP Models iPAQ hx2490b, iPAQ hx2490c, or iPAQ hx4700): Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher OS, with minimum 64 MB program memory and minimum 64 MB storage memory.
    Important: The Pocket PC PDA must have the industry standard IrDa interface compliant port and either, 1) MS ActiveSync 4.5 or higher Connectivity Software, if using Windows XP OS, or 2) MS Mobile Device Center Connectivity Software, if using Windows VISTA OS
  • 1 Year Warranty


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Kaba EP-MU-COM-001 PC M-Unit Kit For Laptop & Netbook Programming Of E-Plex Locks

Kaba EP-MU-COM-001 PC M-Unit Kit For Laptop & Netbook Programming Of E-Plex Locks

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