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KABA InSync I Interconnect Lock


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Details: KABA InSync I Interconnect Lock

The InSync I is a stand-alone, battery operated interconnected cylindrical latch and deadbolt lock. An InSync I lock works with Windows-based SAM RF software, an electronic key-encoding device, handheld utility device, and electronic RFID keys to create a comprehensive access control system. The system eliminates key cutting, lock replacement, and risks associated with unauthorized mechanical keys. In addition, it provides multiple levels of access control to provide the highest level of security.


  • Robust sectional trim with fully enforced 1" saw-proof deadbolt.
  • Inhibit key cancels a specific key; for use when a key is lost or stolen.
  • Emergency keys open any lock on a property, including unit, suite, and common access area locks.
  • Limited Use keys for vendors, staff members, and potential residents who may need regulated access to unit or common access areas.


Access Control
The InSync I lock provides individual door entry; rotation of the inside thumbturn or the inserted RFID key extends or retracts the 1" deadbolt. When the inside lever is rotated, both the latch and deadbolt are simultaneously retracted, providing single motion egress. Suite locks allow access to residents who have individual units behind the suite door. Suite locks require the resident to rotate the thumbturn or rotate the RFID key to lock or unlock the door. Unit or Suite locks can recognize up to 256 individual key IDs plus unlimited "Limited Use Key" IDs at any time
Locks use an RFID memory key that employs special polymer construction to repel moisture. The InSync RFID key with dual technologies includes standard HiTag technology along with Prox, MIFARE or DESFire option
Locking Device Options
1" deadbolt operates by release of a motor and rotation of key or from inside thumbturn
Audit Trail
Unit locks store the last 200 entries to the lock and Suite locks store the last 100 entries, including time, day, and key identification or user name. Common locks can store up to 2,000 entries.
Locks and common readers are programmed and audited using a Utility Device
Key Levels
Resident, zone, master, limited use, and emergency
Four (4) standard size AA alkaline batteries
Door Thickness
1 3/8" - 2" (35mm to 51mm)
Fire Rating
UL certified for use on fire-rated doors (20-minute rating)
Indoor/outdoor approval: -31 F to 151 F (-35 C to 66 C)


  • Ideal for all types of multihousing applications, including apartment homes, student housing, assisted-living facilities, and military family housing
  • Suitable for both new and retrofit projects
  • Access control for unit, suite, and common areas



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KABA InSync I Interconnect Lock

KABA InSync I Interconnect Lock

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