KCD Lenox Moldings and Trim

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Details: KCD Lenox Moldings and Trim

Premier Series

With the highest quality materials and finest attention to detail, our Premier Series offers distinctive touches and superb craftsmanship. Whether you love traditional or modern design, the Premier Series has a look to fit your lifestyle. Features include full overlay doors, plywood boxes, a solid wood dovetail drawer box, as well as a 5 piece drawer head and soft close doors and drawers.

Toe Kick
Shoe Molding
Furniture Base Molding
Batten Molding
Cove Molding
Traditional Crown Molding
Large Crown Molding
Royal Crown Molding
Outside Corner Molding
Traditional Light Rail
Bottom Edge Molding (Narrow Light Rail)

KCD Lenox Finish Samples:

Kitchen Cabinet Distributors Lenox Finish Options

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

LC-TKS8 Toe Kick, Lenox Canvas
LCL-TKS8 Toe Kick, Lenox Country Linen
LC-SCRIBE Scribe, Lenox Canvas
LCL-SCRIBE Scribe, Lenox Country Linen
LC-SHOE Shoe Molding, Lenox Canvas
LCL-SHOE Shoe Molding, Lenox Country Linen
LC-FBM8 Furniture Base Molding, Lenox Canvas
LCL-FBM8 Furniture Base Molding, Lenox Country Linen
LC-BAM8 Batten Molding, Lenox Canvas
LCL-BAM8 Batten Molding, Lenox Country Linen
LC-COM8 Cove Molding, Lenox Canvas
LCL-COM8 Cove Molding, Lenox Country Linen
LC-CM8 Traditional Crown Molding, Lenox Canvas
LCL-CM8 Traditional Crown Molding, Lenox Country Linen
LC-BCM8 Large Crown Molding, Lenox Canvas

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KCD Lenox Moldings and Trim

KCD Lenox Moldings and Trim

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