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Kwikset 925 KEVO Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt (1st Gen)

925 KEVO

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Details: Kwikset 925 KEVO Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt (1st Gen)

The Kevo 925 is an advanced keyless entry lock. Easily unlock your door with a touch of your finger using your smartphone. With Kevo's mobile app you're able to monitor whose coming and going and lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. If you don't want to use your smartphone you're able to also use a Fob to gain entry. Upgrade your security with Kwikset and feel free to use right at your fingertips.


Multi-Level Encryption: Kevo Convert uses multiple levels of military-grade encryption to guarantee advanced smart lock security. Convenient monitoring by receiving notifications when it gets lock/unlock and also can check history of lock activity.

Dual Authentication: Kevo Convert uses dual factor authentication for the highest level of security.If you send an eKey to family or visitor.Add,delete or disable it instantly between selected or scheduled time.

Lost phone? Log into your online account to disable your phone access and suspend eKeys within seconds.

Auto-Lock: Kevo Convert automatically locks your door 30 seconds after unlocking for safety and peace of mind within Bluetooth range of the lock.

Product Features

  • Your smartphone is now your key
  • Touch to open convenience
  • Send eKeys via your smartphone
  • Receive notifications and manage lock and eKeys through Kevo mobile app
  • SmartKey deadbolt cylinder for superior security and backup traditional key
  • Easy to install, no power or internet required
  • The Kevo app is available for iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S and 5th generation iPod touch, 3rd generation or higher iPad/iPad mini
  • Currently Android 4.3 doesn't fully support all Bluetooth LE features required by Kevo
  • When Android 4.3 and Blackberry 10.1 do fully support all Bluetooth LE features required for Kevo, we will be ready shortly thereafter

Step by Step Installation:

  • Color-coded connectors
  • Easy-install mounting plate
  • Includes standard and drive latch
  • Easy-access window on interior

System Requirement:

  • If you have a standard deadbolt mounted separately from the handle below it, it is likely compatible with Kevo Convert.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Apple iOS and Android 5.0 & higher.
  • Data Connection is required.
  • But,It is not compatible with Mortise Lock,Rim Lock,Integrated interior Locks.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

925 KEVO DB 11P Venetian Bronze
925 KEVO DB US15


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Kwikset 925 KEVO Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt (1st Gen)

Kwikset 925 KEVO Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt (1st Gen)

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