Locinox 3006, KIDLOC Special Handles

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Details: Locinox 3006, KIDLOC Special Handles


Stainless steel and polyamide kid knob provides child security by having to press a button while turning to operate the knob.

KIDLOC Specification

  • Polyamide and stainless steel
  • For all locks with a 8 mm shaft (appx 5/16")
  • Security knob for swimming pools, playgrounds, kennels,…
  • Conforms to the European swimming pool standard NF P90-306


Aluminum round blocking knob set. The kit allows the following three combinations: one side fixed with one side operational, both sides fixed, or one side blocked with one side operational. The set is recommended in combination with our gate locks when access control is needed and allows our standard Ornamental or Industrial locks to be used in the following applications: Free Exit, Dead Latch, or Store Room.

3006KR Specifications

  • The kit permits the following combinations:
  • 1 side blocked or blinded - 1 side working (movable)
  • 2 sides blocked
  • 2 sides working (movable)


This aluminum powder coated handle set has an elegant design. This handle set could be used in combination with magnetic locks (e.g. if used top/bottom), or any gate that needs a sturdy and elegant pull handle independent of the latching mechanism.

3006PULL Specifications

  • Aluminum grip with powdercoating
  • Combination possible with MAGMAG (MAG xxx NH) lock on top and bottom
  • Same design as maglock


Aluminum Push handle set allows opening of the lock with a push movement in the same direction as the opening of the gate. The Push-set replaces the normal handle and the back side is blocked. The handle set ONLY fits the Industrial lock and allows it to be used in the following applications: Safety Exit, Free Exit, Dead Latch, or Store Room Lock.


  • The set is adaptable on all stainless steel locinox locks with aluminum U-lockbox
  • The 3006PUSH replaces the handles
  • Facilitates the opening of the gate

KIDLOC Installation Instructions

3006PUSH Installation Instructions

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

KIDLOC KIDLOC - Security knob with 3-1/2" follower
3006KR 3006KR - Knob blocking set
3006PULL-9005 3006PULL - Aluminium powdercoated handleset
3006PULL-ZILV Silver, 3006PULL - Aluminium powdercoated handleset
3006PUSH 3006PUSH - Push-set with 2-1/2" blind follower


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Locinox 3006, KIDLOC Special Handles

Locinox 3006, KIDLOC Special Handles

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