Locinox BOLTON Adjustable Hinge

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Details: Locinox BOLTON Adjustable Hinge

180° hinge that can quickly be mounted without any welding being required. It also offers all advantages of the GBMU4D range: vandal-proof, adjustment of height, depth and distance between gate and post; and left/right interchangeable so it can be used for both left and right handed gates. BOLTON4D- is available in 2 versions: one version with Quick-Fix on both sides and one version with Quick-Fix on the post, and on gate side a bolt through fixing for gate frames from 1.6" to 2.4".


  • Easy to install with Quick-Fix
  • Vandal-proof eyebolt & crossbolt
  • 180° opening
  • Eliminates the need to stock left and right swinging gates
  • 11/16" adjustable in height
  • 1" adjustable in depth
  • U clamp and GRIP in aluminum
  • Hot dip glavanized eyebolt and crossbolt


50 Pieces
50 Pieces
50 Pieces
50 Pieces
2 Pieces
2 Pieces
2 Pieces
2 Pieces

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

BOLTON4D-16-QF-9005-110-2 Hinge with Quick-Fix anchor bolts (Aluminum) - 2 Pieces
BOLTON-U-16-QF-ALUM - 2 Bolt-on U-shaped earplate with Quick-Fix fixing
BOLTON4D-16-4060-9005-110-50 Hinge with bolt through for 1-5/8" to 2-1/2" frames (Black)
BOLTON4D-16-4060-ALUM-110-50 Hinge with bolt through for 1-5/8" to 2-1/2" frames (Aluminum)
BOLTON4D-16-QF-9005-110-50 Hinge with Quick-Fix anchor bolts (Black)
BOLTON4D-16-QF-ALUM-110-50 Hinge with Quick-Fix anchor bolts (Aluminum) - 50 Pieces
BOLTON-G-16-QF-ALUM -2 Bolt-on GRIP with Quick-Fix fixing
BOLTON-G-16-4060-Alum-2 Bolt-on GRIP with Quick-Fix internal threaded bushing fastening
1034ROLL-A2-M16 M16 Eyebolt with Bearing Balls and Crossbolt


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Locinox BOLTON Adjustable Hinge

Locinox BOLTON Adjustable Hinge

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