Locinox DRILL Tools

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Details: Locinox DRILL Tools


Quickly and accurately install Locinox locks and keeps with our brand new DrillFix jig. This jig is designed to self-center on square or round posts, and guarantees perfect alignment. This will allow you to easily drill the 4 hole pattern for the lock or the two holes necessary for the keeper. Seamless installs in a flash. The DrillFix comes in a sleek and sturdy case that includes all the necessary accessories to install Locinox locks and keeps.

DRILLFIX Specifications

  • Tool case with self-centering drilling tool
  • Drill jig can be used for round and rectangular profiles from 30 up to 76mm (1-1/4" up to 3")
  • Includes 3 drill bits (9,5 mm , 15 mm, 18 mm)
  • Useful for installation of Locinox bolt-on locks and keeps in 4 easy steps
  • Includes Locitool - 3015LA
  • Includes Allen Key and positioning pin


Tool case with installation and drilling jig to perfectly align and install the Tiger gate closer and its Puma hinge. This tool guarantees perfect alignment and a fast and easy installation. No measuring needed, just fix the tool on the post, drill the holes , install the Tiger and Puma, and close the gate.

TIGERDRILL Specifications

  • Includes 2 drill bits: 5 mm ( 3/16" ) or 15 mm ( 5/8" )
  • Spare set with 10 Quick-Fix expanders
  • Comes in a sleek and sturdy case with different components
  • Includes accessories for assembly and adjustment of Tiger
  • Recommended to be combined with DrillVise-IV


Handy toolbox with all components to perfectly position the gate frame as opposed to the fixed post upon assembly of the hinges, gate closers and other accessories.

DRILLVISE Specification

  • Solid plastic box with compartments for convenient storage
  • 2 special clamps with 30-120mm adjustability with support plates to position gate frames
  • Strong steel clamp with padding to avoid damage

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

DRILLFIX Full installation kit for Locinox bolt on locks
TIGERDRILL Installation kit for TIGER gate closers
DRILLVISE-4 Toolbox with 4 Locinox clamps
DRILLVISE-2 Clamp set for gate frame positioning


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Locinox DRILL Tools

Locinox DRILL Tools

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