Locinox DVK Stainless Steel Cable

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Details: Locinox DVK Stainless Steel Cable


This Stainless steel cable guide is the best way to get power into a swing gate and to protect your electrical wires in an outside environment.

DVK Specifications

  • Stainless steel guiding cable for electrical wire
  • Length of the cable: 17-5/8"
  • Supplied with 8 self tapping screws


Aesthetic and durable solution for the guidance of electrical wiring. Protects your wiring against dirt, moist and vandalism in an outside environment. The cable wraps around and protects the cabling of your electrical gate hardware and avoids the risk of short circuiting.

DVK-HD Specifications

  • Vandalproof, stainless steel, braided guiding cable
  • Available with 17-3/4" or 25-9/16" braided cable
  • Protects electrical wiring against vandalism, moist, dirt and vermin
  • Strong fixation by means of 8 self-tapping stainless steel screws
  • Cable entry: aluminium housing
  • Inner diameter: 3/8"

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

DVK-HD-450 17-3/4", Reinforced, braided stainless steel guiding cable
DVK-HD-650 Reinforced, braided stainless steel guiding cable, 25-9/16"
DVK 17-3/4", Stainless Steel Flex Cable
NOT AVAILABLE 25-9/16", Stainless Steel Flex Cable


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Locinox DVK Stainless Steel Cable

Locinox DVK Stainless Steel Cable

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