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Locinox KEYDROP Key Lockable Drop Bolt

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Details: Locinox KEYDROP Key Lockable Drop Bolt

Key lockable dropbolt. It is surface mounted for easy access and installation. It can be keyed to match the gate lock on the facing leaf. The KEYDROP enables you to lock the dropbolt in open or closed position. It is installed with our Quick-Fix mounting hardware and is interchangeable with our standard VSF and VSA dropbolts.


  • Throw: 5-1/2"
  • Lockable dropbolt with cylinder
  • Same drilling pattern as VSF and VSA
  • Possible to match same key as gate lock
  • Height adjustability of the dropbolt: 4"
  • Height adjustability in 3 positions: 2" / position
  • The gate can be locked in open or closed position
  • For gate profiles 1-1/2" sq or larger

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

KEYDROPK9005QF1G21Z One Piece


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Locinox KEYDROP Key Lockable Drop Bolt

Locinox KEYDROP Key Lockable Drop Bolt

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