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Locinox N-LINE MAG KIT-2500 Set

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Details: Locinox N-LINE MAG KIT-2500 Set

Set with N-LINE MAG profile and 2x MAGMAG2500 and 3006PULL handle. 3006PULL handle is included to finish your gate. Aesthetic solution which prevents passersby to stumble against the Maglock parts.


  • Aluminium design profile (sawable) to mount above, below and inbetween the magnets
  • Profile lengh: 78 3/4"
  • Delivered with self drilling screws, compatible with Quick-Fix
  • 2 plastic cover caps and 6 in-between caps included
  • Delivered with 2x MAGMAG2500
  • Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Current: 460 mA / 12 V or 230 mA / 24 V
  • Aluminium 3006PULL handle included

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Locinox N-LINE MAG KIT-2500 Set

Locinox N-LINE MAG KIT-2500 Set

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