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Locinox QUICK-FIX Anchor Bolts

Item is normally in stock and ships out within 1-2 Business days (excluding transit time). If out of stock it can take up to 1-2 weeks (excluding transit time). Specific options may or may not increase shipping time. For any reason, if there is a delay in shipping time we will notify you. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.


Details: Locinox QUICK-FIX Anchor Bolts

Patented Locinox mounting hardware. Most Locinox products are standard with Quick-fix. The Quick-fix ensures a strong and fast mounting of our products. 2000 lb (1000Kg) pulling-resistance.


  • Patented mounting system
  • Packed per pair including cover plugs
  • 2000 lb pull-resistance
  • For metal 20 gauge to 6 gauge thick profiles


1 Piece
1 Piece
2 Pieces

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

QUICK-FIX for frames starting from 1-1/2" and wall thickness of 5/64" to 13/64"
QUICK-FIX-QF7 for frames starting from 1-1/4" and wall thickness of 5/64" to 13/64"
QUICK-FIX-8-02 for frames starting from 1-1/2" and wall thickness of 13/64" to 5/16"


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Locinox QUICK-FIX Anchor Bolts

Locinox QUICK-FIX Anchor Bolts

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