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Locinox ROLLTOP Adjustable Rollerbolt

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Details: Locinox ROLLTOP Adjustable Rollerbolt

Stainless steel "rollerbolt" for LA-locks. It fits Industrial, Ornamental, Mechanical, Electrical, and Swimming Pool locks. The standard chamfered latch tip can be replaced with the rollerbolt to reduce latch resistance and allow the gate close and latch easier. This ensures a smooth closing of the lock into the keep. The rollerbolt has a bolt adjustment hole for latch bolt length adjustment.


  • Adjustable rollerbolt in stainless steel
  • Reduces latch resistance and allows the gate close easier.
  • Compatible with all LA, LE, LM-locks

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

ROLLTOP-30 For profiles of 1-1/4"
ROLLTOP-40 For profiles of 1-1/2"
ROLLTOP-60 For profiles of 2-3/8"


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Locinox ROLLTOP Adjustable Rollerbolt

Locinox ROLLTOP Adjustable Rollerbolt

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