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American Permalight NYC Compliant, Local Law 26 RS6-1

In 2004, the NYC Department of Buildings published Local Law 26 which enforces a range of improvements for NYC multistory buildings, including photoluminescent requirements that are detailed in Reference Standard RS6-1.

New York City Building Code The 2008 New York City Building Code § 403.16 requires all new high-rise buildings to be provided with photoluminescent exit path markings (except exit paths serving Group R-2 residential apartment houses). Photoluminescent markings have to pass a minimum of five tests (brightness, washability, non-toxicity, non-radioactivity, surface flammability) to obtain an MEA (Materials & Equipment Acceptance) number. PERMALIGHT® products successfully passed these 5 plus two optional tests (rate of burning & UVresistance), confirming the superior performance of PERMALIGHT® materials. Quickly and easily mark your exit paths with these compliant PERMALIGHT® markers. The excellent adhesive properties guarantee a long lasting durability.

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