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CSH began in 1977, when Frank Rasmussen began building waterbeds in his Cedarburg barn. Frustrated with the inability to get all the parts he needed, Frank decided to make his own waterbed brackets. Seeing the need to help cover costs of the parts, Frank decided to sell the excess parts to other waterbed builders.

"I sat down with an 11x17 sheet of paper and laid out all of our products we offered... and created the first catalog," Rasmussen said.

In came the orders. The packaging and shipping department were Frank’s two daughters. As business grew, friends from high school joined in.


In the 1990's, Frank decided to sell a wider selection of hardware to cabinet and furniture makers. Frank began importing hardware, and also, manufacturing his own hardware in Cedarburg.

In the 2000's, inexpensive cabinets grew in demand. CSH responded by distributing Ready-To-Assemble cabinets to builders and homeowners. Their goal was to keep prices low, while maintaining high quality products. Several RTA cabinets are exclusively made in the USA, promising American-made quality and value.

In 2007, CSH trademarked the QuietGlide, bringing trendy barn doors and smooth rolling ladders to homes across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Three years later, in 2010, CSH added the InvisiDoor brand (hidden bookcase doors and storage).

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