Mateflex 3465 Classic, Tile Module


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Details: Mateflex 3465 Classic, Tile Module

Utilizing its honeycomb-grid design, Classic allows water and other liquids to drain through leaving a dry and safe dock decking surface. The tile's material is unaffected by the elements and most everyday chemicals to leave you with low maintenance and premier product for your dock applications. Classic is also formulated to prevent absorption of moisture and is not affected by seawater or marine air, which avoids corrosion.


  • UV Stabilized.
  • Quick & Easy Assembly.
  • Easy Maintenance & Repair Access.
  • Portability.


13" x 13" x 5/8"
32 positive snap locks, 2 sides with 8 male parts, 2 sides with 8 female parts
361 gusseted support legs
6 straight expansion joints divided evenly into 2 groups running perpendicular to each other
Fungus & Mildew resistant


  • Fire/Emergency Vehicle Compartment Matting
  • Matting
  • Anti-fatigue Matting
  • Safety Matting


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Mateflex 3465 Classic, Tile Module

Mateflex 3465 Classic, Tile Module

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