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McKinney Hinge

Mckinney 8540 4" Reinforcing Pivot


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Details: Mckinney 8540 4" Reinforcing Pivot

McKinney Reinforcing Pivot Hinges are used as a retrofit solution to fix sagging or damaged doors. The hinge is installed at the top of the door and to the head of the frame.

Features List

  • Hinges are handed
  • Finishes: Satin Nickel Plated (15) or Satin Stainless Steel (32D)
Part numberDescriptionFinish
MK635508540 4" Reinforcing Pivot RH15
MK635518540 4" Reinforcing Pivot LH15
MK635528545 4.5" Reinforcing Pivot RH15
MK635538545 4.5" Reinforcing Pivot LH15
MK635545540 4" Reinforcing Pivot RH32D
MK635555540 4" Reinforcing Pivot LH32D
MK635565545 4.5" Reinforcing Pivot RH32D
MK635575545 4.5" Reinforcing Pivot LH32D

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

8540 RH 15 (63550) Right Hand
8540 LH 15 (63551) Left Hand


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Mckinney 8540 4" Reinforcing Pivot

Mckinney 8540 4" Reinforcing Pivot

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