Mockett PSCR7 Acoustic Panels



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Details: Mockett PSCR7 Acoustic Panels

Panel divider creates personal workspace while its acoustic properties serve to neutralize unwanted office noise. A refinement to the popular modern office solution of benching with an emphasis on personal space for focused, uninterrupted performance. Easy to install on any surface, perfect for retrofit solutions attempting to modernize office culture and work flow.

Open sightlines and energize your office while safeguarding privacy and personal space all at the same time. Made of acoustic absorbent foam wrapped in fabric, in accordance with DIN ISO 11654.

Overall Size: 24" wide × 20" tall.

Colors: Black, Orange/Brown, Green, Red, Blue, Light Grey & Putty.


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use



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Mockett PSCR7 Acoustic Panels

Mockett PSCR7 Acoustic Panels

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