Olympus 931DW Drawer Deadbolt Lock Body


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Details: Olympus 931DW Drawer Deadbolt Lock Body


  • Cabinet lock - deadbolt drawer lock
  • Accepts Medeco/Yale IC core
  • Key removable in locked or unlocked position
  • Key-retaining function available
  • ANSI/BHMA No. E07041
  • Barrel diameter: 1-1/8"
  • Barrel length 1-3/8"
  • 26D or US3 finish

Olympus Standard Functions, Key Retaining

Standard Function

Key removable in the locked or unlocked position. Locks ship with standard function unless key retaining is specified at time of order.

Key Retaining

The key cannot be removed from the lock while in the "unlocked" position. Key-retaining function is generally used in instances where cabinets or drawers should not be left unlocked.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

931DW-26D Not Included, Dull Chrome,
931DW -US3 Not Included, Bright Brass,
931DW-KR-26DV Included, Dull Chrome, Vertical Hand
931DW-KR-26DI Included, Dull Chrome, Inverted Hand
931DW-KR -US3V Included, Bright Brass, Vertical Hand
931DW-KR -US3I Included, Bright Brass, Inverted Hand


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Olympus 931DW Drawer Deadbolt Lock Body

Olympus 931DW Drawer Deadbolt Lock Body

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