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Omnia Ultima II 9035 Cabinet Knob

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Details: Omnia Ultima II 9035 Cabinet Knob

Omnia's goal is to not only be visually stunning but also be comfortable to the touch. The Omnia Ultima II 9035 Cabinet Knobmade are made from durable long lasting stainless steel that comes in a variety of finishes.They specialize in a variety of styles including tailored contemporary, romantic pieces, and both ornate and traditional designs. Their vast collection makes it perfect to coordinate any kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.


1" (25mm) dia., 1" proj
1-1/4" (32mm) dia., 1-1/4" proj
1-1/2" (38mm) dia., 1-1/2" proj

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

9035/25 US4 Satin Brass, 1"
9035/25 US5 Bright Brass, 1"
9035/25 US10B 1", Oxidized Satin Bronze
9035/25 US14 1", Bright Nickel Plated
9035/25 US15 Satin Nickel, 1"
9035/25 US26 Polished Chrome Plated Brass, 1"
9035/32 US4 Satin Brass, 1.25"
9035/32 US5 Bright Brass, 1.25"
9035/32 US10B Oxidized Satin Bronze, 1.25"
9035/32 US14 1.25", Bright Nickel Plated
9035/32 US15 Satin Nickel, 1.25"
9035/32 US26 Polished Chrome Plated Brass, 1.25"
9035/38 US4 Satin Brass, 1.5"
9035/38 US5 Bright Brass, 1.5"
9035/38 US10B 1.5", Oxidized Satin Bronze

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Omnia Ultima II 9035 Cabinet Knob

Omnia Ultima II 9035 Cabinet Knob

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