Gruppo Romi DKFRA.4491 Francis I - Door Knob


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Details: Gruppo Romi DKFRA.4491 Francis I - Door Knob


The reign of Francis I is considered part of the first period in the development of French Renaissance and can be called the Italian Period of ornament which belongs primarily to the area of Lombardy. Buildings are still designed in a gothic manner but dressed in renaissance style. Examples can be found in the castles of the Loire Valley. The style is full of ornamental sculptures highly influenced by Italian artists but nonetheless adjusted into the French manner.

Arabesque and grotesque decorative motifs are used during the entire French Renaissance period. The emblems of the king like the Salamander and the letter ?F? are constantly present in the designs as well as floral motifs that come out of human shapes and turn into letter forms, In this period there is an abundance of decoration, low and high relief are clearly defined and become deeply carved.


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

DKFRA.5853-FDT-Oc Old Copper, Full Dummy Trim, DKFRA.5853
DKFRA.5853-FDT-Wb White Brass, Full Dummy Trim, DKFRA.5853
DKFRA.5853-FDT-Wbr White Bronze, Full Dummy Trim, DKFRA.5853
DKFRA.5853-FDT-Mg Matt Gold, Full Dummy Trim, DKFRA.5853
DKFRA.5853-FDT-Pg Polished Gold, Full Dummy Trim, DKFRA.5853
DKFRA.5853-FDT-Fg French Gold, Full Dummy Trim, DKFRA.5853
DKFRA.4491-A-US3 Polished Brass, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-US3A Polished Brass Unlacquered, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-US4 Satin Brass, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-US5 Antique Brass, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-10A Antique Bronze, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-Pw Pewter, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-US14 Polished Nickel, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-US26 Polished Chrome, Alone, DKFRA.4491
DKFRA.4491-A-Mn Matt Nickel, Alone, DKFRA.4491

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Gruppo Romi DKFRA.4491 Francis I - Door Knob

Gruppo Romi DKFRA.4491 Francis I - Door Knob

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