Gruppo Romi DKGA.4168 Georgian-Anne - Door Knob


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Details: Gruppo Romi DKGA.4168 Georgian-Anne - Door Knob

The development of this style starts with the reign of Queen Anne of England in 166o, which first followed the influence of Louis the XIV palace at Versailles. Queen Annes reign followed by the reign of Georges I created the transition from Baroque times into the English Renaissance era. Around 1758, still under the reign of Georges I, Architect Robert Adam introduced a new style that would change the history of English architecture and interior design. During this period, we can find an eclectic mix of elements used, from garlands to flowers represented in quite a bold way. This period borrowed inspiration from Oriental European and English colonies. The pieces are less flamboyant than their French neighbors of the time, and portray a well-achieved sense of overall scale and proportion.


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  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

DKGA.4487-A-US5 Antique Brass, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-10A Antique Bronze, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Pw Pewter, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-US14 Polished Nickel, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-US26 Polished Chrome, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Mn Matt Nickel, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Mc Matt Chrome, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Co Cobalt, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Ob Old Bronze, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Vb Verdi Bronze, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-LORB Light Oil Rubbed Bronze, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Oc Old Copper, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Wb White Brass, Alone, DKGA.4487
DKGA.4487-A-Wbr White Bronze, Alone, DKGA.4487

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Gruppo Romi DKGA.4168 Georgian-Anne - Door Knob

Gruppo Romi DKGA.4168 Georgian-Anne - Door Knob

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