Schlage L9000 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Lock

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Details: Schlage L9000 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Lock

All metal heavy-gauge steel protects the Schlage L9000 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Lock. Choose this lock for its dual-action capabilities, working as a door knob and a deadbolt.

In 626-Satin Chromium Plated finish. Lever is made of cast stainless steel.

Strength And Durability

  • Fully wrapped heavy-gauge steel case protects against door edge attacks
  • All-metal zinc dichromate-plated working parts
  • Inside lock case protects electronic components
  • Two-piece anti-friction tongue reduces wear and tear
  • Outside and inside trim thru-bolted together and through the door

Security Built In

  • Break-away spindle prevents unsecured failures and provides easy spindle replacement
  • Hub blocking plate protects lock against spindle manipulation
  • Spring-loaded fusible link provides fail secure mode in case of fire
  • Inside lever applied by screwless shank mounting — no exposed trim mount screws

Adaptable To Your Application

  • Universal lock case — ten functions in one case
  • Floating mounting tabs automatically adjust to fit a beveled door edge
  • Field-reversible handing without opening lock case
  • External spring cages allow for simple trim retrofit
  • Locking thumbturn on the inside of door visually shows when the door is locked and unlocked
  • Lever rotation in both directions (up and down) for ease of use
  • Independent lever rotation

The Schlage L9000 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Lock is ideal for use in schools, hospitals and factories, where the finest hardware must also deliver consistent, dependable operation and stand up to constant use and abuse. Within the product page of the Schlage L9000 Series, you can configure every available Schlage L-Series option to your liking (encompassing all SKUs in the series).

How to Install Schlage L9050 Mortise Lock

Heavy Duty Mortise Lock Comparison

FunctionANSI #Cal-RoyalFalcon M SeriesArrow B SeriesRusswin CorbinSargent 7800/8200Schlage L SeriesPDQ Series 1000Yale 1000Hager
Single Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Entrance or OfficeF04NM8050M521B22ML20515L905011688073850
Storeroom or ClosetF07NM8080M371B12ML20574L908011588053880
Single Cylinder With Deadbolt
Apartment / DormitoryF20NM8453M531B11ML206745L945315688473853
Dormitory / EntranceF13NM8456M571B19ML206525L94561368822---
Closet / Storeroom---NM8465---------27L9465---------
Dormitory / EntranceF21NM8473M541B20ML202424L94731358860---
Double Cylinder Without Deadbolt
Apartment Entrance / VestibuleF09NM8060M381B32ML504216L90601278817---
Double Cylinder With Deadbolt
Storeroom UtilityF14NM8466M371B31ML202226L94661378860---
Other Functions
Privacy / BathroomF02/F19NM8040M311B02ML202065L904017688023840
Passage / ClosetF01NM8010M101B01ML201013L901013688013810


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Schlage L9000 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Lock

Schlage L9000 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Lock

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