Schlage ORB Orbit A-Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Knobset

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Details: Schlage ORB Orbit A-Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Knobset

Medium traffic commercial and heavy duty residential locks.
From military barracks and offices, to fine residential homes, Schlage A-Series knobs easily stand up to constant use and abuse, while keeping people and property safe. Our A-Series locks have an ANSI Grade 2 rating and come in a choice of styles and finishes that fit your building's design.
We don't compromise on security.
The safety and security of your buildings is something we take very seriously. That's why every Schlage lock and deadbolt undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level:
  • Cycle tests
  • Resistance tests
  • Door impact tests
  • Warped door tests
  • Bolt strength tests
Features and Benefits
  • Cold rolled steel, and machined and threaded hubs prevent loosening of the lockset by bolting the chassis to the door.
  • Heavy-duty cast mounting plate with specially tapped holes keeps lockset tight on the door.
  • Patented door range adjuster allows quick and easy adjustment for doors ranging from 1⅜" to 1⅞" (35 mm to 48 mm) thick
Door Handing
Many Schlage locks are reversible. Hand information is necessary to ensure proper cylinder orientation in keyed functions, and finish of latchbolt and strike for locks that are to be installed on reverse bevel doors. Follow the diagram to correctly determine the hand of the door. ADA-Compliant Products
In compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A117.1) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Schlage Lock Company offers a wide selection of locks designed for the needs of the physically challenged. This act is designed to provide protection for people with disabilities.
The intent of ADA is that owners of certain types of buildings must remove barriers and provide people with disabilities with access equal to, or similar to, that available to the general public. Specifications
Keyed functions are reversible. Non-keyed functions are not handed.
Door Thickness
1⅜" to 1⅞" (35 mm to 48 mm) standard.
2" (51 mm) to 2½" (64 mm) optional extended inside.
2⅜"(60 mm) standard. 2¾" (70 mm), 3¾"(95 mm) and
5" (127 mm) optional.
Steel. 1⅛" × 2¼" square corner, beveled, for 2¾" backset standard. Optional 1" square corner, 1" radius corner, and non-UL drive-in/round face. For availability with specific backsets, see page 16.
Lock Chassis
Steel, zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance.
Latch Bolt
Brass, chrome plated,½" throw, deadlocking on keyed and exterior functions.
Exposed Trim
Wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel. Levers are pressure cast zinc, plated to match finish symbols.
T-strike 1⅛" × 2¾" (29 mm × 70 mm) × 1⅛" (29 mm) lip to center with box standard. Optional strikes, lip lengths and ANSI strike box available.
Cylinder & Keys:
6-pin patented Everest C123 keyway standard with two nickel silver keys per lock.
6-pin C keyway, keyed 5-pin.
Keying Options
Interchangeable core and Primus XP high security cylinders. Master keying, grand master keying, and construction keying.
three-year limited.
Full mechanical lifetime.
Meets or exceeds A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 2 strength and operational requirements.
Meets FF-H-106C.
California State Reference Code: (Formerly Title 19, California State Fire Marshal Standard) All levers with less than ½" (64mm) returns comply; Schlage levers return to within ½" of door face.
UL / cUL
All locks listed for A label single doors, 4' × 8'. Letter F and UL symbol on latch front indicate listing.
UL437 Listed locking cylinder optional: specify Primus 20-500 Series cylinder.
ADA Compliant: Schlage Lock Company offers a wide selection of locks designed to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Schlage, a division of Allegion security products, has been the industry standard of high quality door hardware for almost a century. Their time-tested, perfected machinery and superior quality metals make this brand a great choice for security and style. The Schlage A-Series Orbit Knob is precision-engineered, featuring 100% solid forged brass and rugged all-metal chassis for security. A Schlage deadbolt makes a great choice for commercial or residential applications.

The Schlage A-Series Orbit Knob is highly resistant to all abuse and use. With a variety of styles and functions to choose from these knobs are perfect for all situations.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

A53 ORB 612 P 11-111 10-025 KA Satin Bronze, Entrance, Conventional 6-pin cylinder, keyed 5, Keyed Alike
A70 ORB 612 R 11-111 10-025 KA Satin Bronze, Classroom, FSIC, Keyed Alike
A70 ORB 605 J 11-111 KD Bright Brass, Classroom, Keyed Different
A79 ORB 625 L 10-025 KA Bright Chrome, Communicating Lock With Blank Plate, Keyed Alike
A85 ORB 612 R 11-111 10-025 KA Satin Bronze, FSIC, Keyed Alike
A85 ORB 613 P6 11-111 KA Oil Rubbed Bronze, Conventional 6-pin cylinder, Keyed Alike
A25 ORB 625 Bright Chrome, Exit, Non-Keyed Function
A40 ORB 609 11-111 10-025 Antique Brass, Bath/Bedroom Privacy, Non-Keyed Function
A53 ORB 606 R KA Satin Brass, Entrance, FSIC, Keyed Alike
A53 ORB 625 J 10-025 KA Bright Chrome, Entrance, Keyed Alike
A70 ORB 612 P6 10-025 KA Satin Bronze, Classroom, Conventional 6-pin cylinder, Keyed Alike
A79 ORB 626 R 11-111 KA Satin Chrome, Communicating Lock With Blank Plate, FSIC, Keyed Alike
A79 ORB 605 J 11-111 KA Bright Brass, Communicating Lock With Blank Plate, Keyed Alike
A80 ORB 643e P6 11-111 10-025 KD Aged Bronze, Storeroom, Conventional 6-pin cylinder, Keyed Different
A80 ORB 613 J 11-111 KA Storeroom, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Keyed Alike

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Schlage ORB Orbit A-Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Knobset

Schlage ORB Orbit A-Series Grade 2 Cylindrical Knobset

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