Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT™ Instant Keyless Lockdown Lock

Cylinder Not Included

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Details: Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT™ Instant Keyless Lockdown Lock

SAFEBOLT is sold less cylinder. Rim cylinder sold separately.

Secure Students at the Press of a Button

Shielded in a durable, nylon polymer sheathing, SAFEBOLT (SB175) is an easy-to-install and affordable code-compliant barricade lock to replacing cylindrical locksets. Designed to boost classroom security for doors which are generally locked by key from the exterior, SAFEBOLT meets Department of Homeland Security's #1 recommendation to quickly lockdown classroom doors from inside without the use of a key.

SAFEBOLT won 2019's SIA New Product Showcase Award in the "Lock Systems" category at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Instant button activated lockdown lock for use over cylinder locksets
  • Rim cylinder required, by others
  • (LH, RH, LHR, or RHR)
  • Determine swing based on hinge location from exterior side of door;
  • Unit not field reversible.

Bolt Position Switch

  • -BPS
  • Bolt Position Signal
  • Append to model number
  • Requires external wiring

SAFEBOLT: Code-Compliant Barricade Lock

SAFEBOLT Installation Video

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

SB175-LC-LHR 1-3/4", Left Hand Reverse, Not Included
SB175-LC-LHR-BPS 1-3/4", Left Hand Reverse, Included
SB175-LC-RHR 1-3/4", Right Hand Reverse, Not Included
SB175-LC-RHR-BPS 1-3/4", Right Hand Reverse, Included
SB175-LC-SK2-LH 2", Left Hand, Not Included
SB175-LC-SK2-LH-BPS 2", Left Hand, Included
SB175-LC-SK2-RH 2", Right Hand, Not Included
SB175-LC-SK2-RH-BPS 2", Right Hand, Included
SB175-LC-SK2-LHR 2", Left Hand Reverse, Not Included
SB175-LC-SK2-LHR-BPS 2", Left Hand Reverse, Included
SB175-LC-SK2-RHR 2", Right Hand Reverse, Not Included
SB175-LC-SK2-RHR-BPS 2", Right Hand Reverse, Included
SB175-LC-SK3-LH 2-1/4", Left Hand, Not Included
SB175-LC-SK3-LH-BPS 2-1/4", Left Hand, Included
SB175-LC-SK3-RH 2-1/4", Right Hand, Not Included

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Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT™ Instant Keyless Lockdown Lock

Securitech SB175 SAFEBOLT™ Instant Keyless Lockdown Lock

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