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Sugatsune LIN-X450C End Cap for LIN-X450-L Connecting Bar



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Details: Sugatsune LIN-X450C End Cap for LIN-X450-L Connecting Bar

Lateral opening door system allows door to swing open in a small radius Can be installed flush with the surrounding cabinetry or wall Hinge allows door to freely stop in any opened position Damper function produces soft, self-closing movement Hardware does not require tracks/rails on floor or ceiling of cabinetry Designed for standard 32mm system mounting for easy installation; use LIN-X on new or existing cabinets Available as a standard set or components for custom installations


Designed for use in single or double door configurations in a variety of settings:

  • Residential: entryways, kitchen corners/islands, pantrys, hallways, laundry rooms
  • Retail: prep or gift-wrap stations, information booths
  • Industrial: workbenches, workstations, locker rooms

Use corresponding letter in below table, and see Parts Breakdown Table for parts to be ordered.

Door HeightDoor WeightConnecting Bar / Cover Cap
~15.5 lbs
(~7.0 kg)
15.6~23.0 lbs
(7.1~10.5 kg)
23.1~31 lbs
(10.6~14.0 kg)
31.1~37.4 lbs
(14.1~17.0 kg)
(600~900 mm)
Standard Set
Connecting Bar &
Cover included
BXXLIN-X450-L540 1 pc
LIN-X450C 2 pcs
(901~1200 mm)
ABCXLIN-X450-L840 1 pc
LIN-X450C 2 pcs
(1201~1500 mm)
ABCDLIN-X450-L1140 1 pc
LIN-X450C 2 pcs
(1501~1800 mm)
BBCDLIN-X450-L1440 1 pc
LIN-X450C 2 pcs
(1801~2100 mm)
BBCDLIN-X450-L1740 1 pc
LIN-X450C 2 pcs
(2101~2400 mm)
CCCDLIN-X450-L2040 1 pc
LIN-X450C 2 pcs
Parts Breakdown Table
Item NumberDescriptionQuantity Required
LIN-X450ACDSingle Arm (with Damper)2333
LIN-X450ASingle Arm (without Damper)--12
230-P4W-32T (for 19mm overlay)
230-P4W-32T+5 (for 14mm overlay)
Mounting Plate2345
LIN-X450-L540Connecting Bar L=540MMSee table above
LIN-X450-L840Connecting Bar L=840MM
LIN-X450-L1140Connecting Bar L=1140MM
LIN-X450-L1440Connecting Bar L=1440MM
LIN-X450-L1170Connecting Bar L=1170MM
LIN-X450-L2040Connecting Bar L=2040MM
LIN-X450CEnd Cap for Connecting Bar2


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Sugatsune LIN-X450C End Cap for LIN-X450-L Connecting Bar

Sugatsune LIN-X450C End Cap for LIN-X450-L Connecting Bar

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