The Valiryo BD Body Dryer


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Details: The Valiryo BD Body Dryer

The Valiryo is a body dryer that aims to revolutionise the way we dry ourselves,using air released from its 27 intensity- and temperature-adjustable diffusers, thus offering a consistent drying process from head to toe.

Say goodbye to towels and enjoy the experience of being dried by air. Feel relaxed for longer after a shower while you soften and hydrate your skin. This product will revolutionise well-being in the home, and is also ideal for people with reduced mobility or skin problems.

Give a touch of class to your bathroom with this new easy to use and easy to install product and enjoy a new experience of relaxing and effortless drying. The device is also completely water-resistant and can be securely installed within the shower set.

Our body dryer uses innovative technology developed entirely by the Valiryo Technologies team. It is the only one on the market which, thanks to its patented 's' design, guarantees efficient drying from head to toe without the need for any awkward movements on the wet floor. This is thanks to the air flow generated by its efficient electric motor situated in the upper frame and which flows with consistent temperature and intensity out of its 27 diffusors.

Thanks to this, Valiryo provides a natural, hygienic and relaxing way to dry yourself using warm air massage, which works to leave your skin ter and more hydrated by avoiding towel friction. Certain characteristics make the Valiryo very appealing for people with mobility problems or skin afflictions. Also, the device has been treated with silver ions that help avoid bacteria developing and spreading.

Enjoy the Valiryo experience in your home and give yourself more time to relax after each shower or bath thanks to this elegant product that can be easily installed in any bathroom. Very easy to use, it allows you to choose from up to 16 temperature and intensity combinations, and can remember your favourites for future uses. It also has a movement sensor for greater autonomy, which activates the Valiryo when the person is positioned in front of it, and can also turn itself off automatically.

Although it can be installed on any wall of your bathroom, we recommend installing the Valiryo within the shower for a better experience, as it has an IP56 protection certificate, which makes it completely safe to use in wet environments. The Valiryo does not require any maintenance or the regular replacement of any of its parts. We simply recommend that you clean the surface using a cloth with water and liquid soap.

Available in white and black to integrate better in any bathroom,using the Valiryo can also mean savings on energy and environmentalimpact thanks to its highly efficient electric motor and since it avoids the use and subsequent washing of towels. It has a 2 year guarantee, provided by the brand's Official Technical Team.


  • Efficient Electrical Power Plant
  • Motion Sensor
  • S-Shape For Efficent Drying
  • Water Resistant And Vandal-Prooof
  • Sanitary And Antibacterial
  • Patented Air Diffusion Technology
  • Adjustable Temperature And Intensity
  • No Maintenance Or Cleaning Required


Operating voltage
220-240 V ~50-60 Hz
12 A
218 × 29,5 × 2,8 cm (85.43 × 11.61 × 1.1 in)
9,8 kg (21.61 lb)
Packaging weight
2,1 kg (4.63 lb)
Temperature increase over room temperature
32 C (89.6 F) Temperature and speed variation between top and bottom diffusers < 2 %
Drying time
3 minutes
Flat wall
Ingress protection rating
Temperatue of use
10 - 40 C (41 - 104 F)
Antibacterial treatment
Silver ions
Rpm motor
5000 rpm
Wind speed
Up to 100 km/h (62 mph)
Number of diffusors
69 dB
Clock Frequency
40 MHz


  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Private House Holds
  • Care Home And Hospitals
  • Other Partnerships

Valiryo - The After Shower Experience upd.


Available Model Numbers and Combinations

BD-WH White


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The Valiryo BD Body Dryer

The Valiryo BD Body Dryer

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