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Trimco 1065 Privacy Pocket Door Pull For 1-3/4" Door


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Details: Trimco 1065 Privacy Pocket Door Pull For 1-3/4" Door

The Trimco 1064/1065 Series Pulls are classically designed for pocket doors. For use with notched pocket doors, these pulls are perfect for closets, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms. An integrated edge pull enables easy access when the door is closed into the pocket, and the 1065 Privacy version adds a locking feature for bathroom and bedroom applications and includes an emergency turn button on the outside. Pre-assembled from the factory, these pulls are easy to install and are available in a variety of architectural finishes.


  • Simple to install and field reversible.
  • Has an integrated edge pull.
  • The Flush Cup Pulls are manufactured from solid brass.
  • Available in a variety of architectural finishes.
  • 1064 fits both 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" doors.
  • 1065 fits 1-3/8" standard and can be simply modified for 1-3/4" doors.


Overall Size
2-1/2" x 2-3/4"


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

1065-175499 Polished Brass, No Lacquer
1065-175609 Satin Brass, blackened, relieved, clear coated
1065-175610 Satin Brass, blackened, bright relieved, clear coated
1065-175611 Polished Bronze, clear coated
1065-175612 Satin Bronze, Clear Coated
1065-175616 Satin Bronze, blackened, satin relieved, clear coated
1065-175619 Satin Nickel Plated, clear coated
1065-175620 Satin Nickel, blackened, relieved, clear coated
1065-175626 Satin Chrome plated over nickel
1065-175605 Polished Brass, Clear Coated
1065-175606 Satin Brass, dull, clear coated
1065-175613 Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze, Oil Rubbed
1065-175613E Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze (Equivalent)
1065-175622 Matte Black
1065-175625 Bright Chrome plated over nickel

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Trimco 1065 Privacy Pocket Door Pull For 1-3/4" Door

Trimco 1065 Privacy Pocket Door Pull For 1-3/4" Door

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