Viaggio CLM Circolo Leather Rosette, Lever, Motivo


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Details: Viaggio CLM Circolo Leather Rosette, Lever, Motivo

The Circolo Rosette's soft geometry offers a stunning look with cultured elegance. The bold curves and circular shape combined with the organic leather texture add depth and subtle flair to contemporary settings.


  • Made from solid forged brass and precision polished for superior quality
  • Features Concealed Screw Mechanism (CSM) for clean, uncomplicated style


  • Public Buildings & Facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Retail & Strip Malls
  • Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

CLMBL11SS Bella, Bright Chrome, Single
CLMBL11SD Bella, Bright Chrome, Double
CLMBL11SP Bella, Bright Chrome, Passage
CLMBL11SCD Bella, Bright Chrome, SC Deadbolt
CLMBL11SCP Bella, Bright Chrome, Combo Pack
CLMBL12SS Bella, Satin Black, Single
CLMBL12SD Bella, Satin Black, Double
CLMBL12SP Bella, Satin Black, Passage
CLMBL12SCD Bella, Satin Black, SC Deadbolt
CLMBL12SCP Bella, Satin Black, Combo Pack
CLMBL13SS Bella, Satin Brass, Single
CLMBL13SD Bella, Satin Brass, Double
CLMBL13SP Bella, Satin Brass, Passage
CLMBL13SCD Bella, Satin Brass, SC Deadbolt
CLMBL13SCP Bella, Satin Brass, Combo Pack

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Viaggio CLM Circolo Leather Rosette, Lever, Motivo

Viaggio CLM Circolo Leather Rosette, Lever, Motivo

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