KABA Simplex 1000 Series Mechanical Keyless Pushbutton Door Lock with Knob

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SHIPPING: Item is normally in stock and ships out within 2-3 Business days (excluding transit time). If out of stock it can take up to 3-6 weeks (excluding transit time). Keying or latch options may increase shipping time by 1-2 business days (excluding transit time). Specific finish options may or may not increase shipping time. For any reason, if there is a delay in shipping time we will notify you. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Please Note: Locks Do Not Include Cylinder. They are Prepped for Factory Cores

KABA is a leader in security with over a hundred years of experience. The Simplex 1000 Series meets and exceeds D.O.D (Dept. of Defense) 5220.22M standards. Your select code can range from 1 to 5 digits and can be programmed after installation. The 1000 series is fully mechanical meaning an easy installation awaits, you won't have to fuss with wires or cables. The efficiency of not needing keys or key cards goes hand in hand with a no maintenance lock that won't require batteries.

Product Features

  • Simplex Mechanical Access Control Locks
  • An alternative to traditional keyed locksets. Classroom/storeroom function, no code required for egress. Include ASA and standard strike. Require no batteries. Key override SFIC (cylinder not included) accepts Best and equivalent SFIC cylinders.
  • 1 user code
  • For 1? to 2¼"-thick doors; 2¾" backset
  • Programmable Locks, Push Button (1000 Series)
  • Measure 9L (inside) × 3-1⁄8W × 3-3⁄16"D. Latch length is ½". Retrofit existing ASA 161 door preps.
  • 3-hr. UL Fire Rated; ADA Compliant
  • Cores are not included with key override models


Backset Size
Satin Chrome
Thumb or Key Turn Passage Set
Inside Height
Pushbutton Access Control
Latch Front Size
1" by 2¼"
Latch Length
Outside Height
Mechanical, Standard

Locking Device Options

  • Cylindrical ½" (13mm) throw latch, floating face plate 2¾" (70mm) backset.
  • Cylindrical ½" (13mm) throw latch, floating face plate 2" (60mm) backset.
  • Cylindrical ¾" (19mm) throw latch, beveled face plate 2¾" (70mm) backset.

Product Downloads

Kaba products have been securing the thoughts and belongings of tenants, families, and business owners since 1862. Kaba's tagline is "beyond security" which means their products offer the highest standards of safety as well as top quality designs and innovations to exceed customer satisfaction.

The KABA Simplex 1000 Series Mechanical Keyless Pushbutton Door Lock with Knob offers a simple and easy to use way to control access between public and private areas in your office, factory, or corporate location. There are no keys or cards to manage, no computers to program, no batteries to replace, and combinations can be changed in seconds without removing the lock from the door.

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Customer feedback

  • Author: steve hiltz
    I bought one of your likes about 15 years ago I have had to change the combination the last time I had take the whole door assembly apart to figure out how do you change the door lock combination and I know there's an easier way really simple sjhiltz42@gmail.com
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