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DeltrexUSA  –  offers the most complete, diversified and   comprehensive  line  of  user  friendly  electric  door  control  systems, exitrelease,callbuttons,electromagneticlocks,powersupplies, monitoringdeviceassembledhardwarewithcompletesimplified application solutions.  All products are designed, developed and most are made in the USA. All  DeltrexUSA  systems are code conforming  and  ADA  compliant  as  applicable.  They  are  consistently reliable, durable and long lasting. Milling and engraving is done at our factory, and optionally, all plate types can be custom engravedwithdealer’sname.Theoriginalfounderof Deltrex is Irving Saphirstein, recognized as the inventor   of the electromagnetic lock and the founder of Locknetics   in1969.Irvin’svastexperienceisofbenefittoDeltrexUSA   and our community of users.

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Showing 1 - 57 of 57 items