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Installing new doors can be a tedious and grueling process that combines heavy lifting and multiple people in order to get just one hung up. Mistakes become common when you're trying to focus on so many different tasks at once. It's too easy to accidentally scratch the floor or misalign the frame while trying to mount a door on its hinges. Just hanging one door can be long and tiring, hanging multiple at a time is both strenuous and time consuming.

Hardnox LLC has created a solution that removes all the struggles from the process of hanging a door, called the DoorJak. The DoorJak is a cart that allows one worker to transport and rehang a heavy oversized door safely, effortlessly, and properly. Whether you want to remove and fix a door or install one in every door jam in the building, the DoorJak allows you to get the job done fast.

How to Use the DoorJak

You simply slide the door on to the cart, secure it, and tilt it at a 75 degree angle which allows you to easily transport it through elevators and doorways. The screw shank adjustments tilt the door forward and back and the lever slides the door sideways. Once adjustments are made the hinges can be aligned and installed. The cart can then fold and collapse for easy storage.

Available In Two Models

There are two types of carts, the DoorJak 50 and the DoorJak 100. The DoorJak 50 is used for lighter loads. It can hold up to 250 lbs. and is smaller and more portable at 66 lbs. The DoorJak 100 can hold up to 750 lbs. and is ideal for the transportation and installation of heavy oversized commercial grade doors.

Who Should Use the DoorJak

The DoorJak is ideal for general contractors that install commercial doors, healthcare facilities, and building maintenance crews for government facilities, schools, and office buildings. The DoorJak helps avoid worker injury and company liability risks by removing all the dangerous aspects of hanging an oversized door. This way, DoorJak holds the door, not the worker.

Why Choose the DoorJak

While there are other door hanging carts on the market, they don't provide the same features and simplicity that the DoorJak does. Most carts simply transport the door, forcing you to utilize more tools, strength, and time while trying to hang it in its frame. With DoorJak, everything you need is provided. You can both transport and install the door with one easy to use product.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items