Axor 424 Urquiola Towel Bar

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Details: Axor 424 Urquiola Towel Bar

Stylish and functional, the Axor 424 Urquiola Towel Bar, will give your bathroom a sense of perfection. Hansgrohe's towel bars, toilet paper holders, hooks and soap dispensers are all made of the highest quality materials and designed to match the rest of your bathroom products.


  • Brass


  • TÃœV SÃœD - Production monitored - Type Tested



1.87 lbs.
2.56 in.
14.76 in.
5.12 in.

About Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe is an international producer of high quality, design oriented bathroom and kitchen products. Since 1901, Hangrohe has grown from their humble roots in Black Forest, Germany to become a company known for high-quality faucets, innovative shower trends and bathroom solutions, amazing designs, and a leader on water preservation and environmental issues. Hansgrohe and Axor are incredibly passionate about water and only use the best materials, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and clean water. Though Hansgrohe has become an international company, their main factory is still in Black Forest, standing by their "Made in Germany" mark of quality.

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

AXOR-42430000 12"
AXOR-42460000 24"


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Axor 424 Urquiola Towel Bar

Axor 424 Urquiola Towel Bar

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