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Cal-Royal CR9000 Series Digital Touch Screen Door Lock

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Details: Cal-Royal CR9000 Series Digital Touch Screen Door Lock


For offices, schools, hospitals, apartments, condo units,hotel / motel, residential, commercial and public buildings
Door Thickness
1 3/8" (35mm) ~ 1 3/4" (45mm) standard
2 3/4" (70mm) standard or 2 3/8" (60mm) optional backset
Latch Faceplate
Standard 2 1/4" 1" for 2 3/8" backset, Optional 2 1/4" 1 1/8" for 2 3/4" backset
ANSI Curved lip strike 1 1/4" × 4 7/8" × 1 3/16 "(32mm 124mm 30mm) lip to center standard. Optional (Full-lip) strikes available on request, lip lengths and strike box available
ANSI Standards
Meets ANSI / BHMA A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 2 strength and operational requirements
Latch Bolt
1/2"(13mm) throw solid brass, deadlocking on keyed and non-keyed function
6-pin solid brass Schlage C keyway standard with two brass keys per lock
Lever Mechanism
Free wheeling lever mechanism. When the outside lever is locked, it will rotate freely up and down while remaining securely locked
Interchangeable Core (IC)
SFIC Interchangeable Core security cylinder. Compatible 6 or 7 pin cores with Best and Master. Prefix before part number
Power Source
Powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries
Weather Resistant
All models are weather resistant for temperature ranges of -30F ~ 150F (-35C ~ +66C) at 85% relative humidity


Latch bolt operated by lever from either side. Outside would need to enter pre-programmed code on the touch screen in order to retract the latch upon turning lever. Key overrides the use of the touch screen. Available with Interchangeable Core.


Stand-alone Touchscreen
Responds to human touch enabling convenient entrance or access to programming menu. After operation has been completed, the lock reverts back to sleep mode
Master PIN Code
Use for programming the lock and entering Master and User PIN codes. Can also be used to open the lock and reset to factory settings. (6 digits)
User PIN Code
This feature only opens the lock by entering the code on the touch pad. It won't be able to program or change the settings. This lock can accommodate up to 50 user codes, 4 to 6 digits combined RFID and User PIN codes
One-Time User PIN Code
Can only be used once. This lock can store up to 2 one-time User PIN code simultaneously
Auto Re-lock Time
After successful code entry and unit unlock, it will automatically re-lock in default for five (5) seconds. It can be change by Master PIN code
Passage Mode
Enabling passage mode allows continuous entry for non-restricted traffic. Passage mode can either be enabled or disabled by the Master Pin code. When in passage mode, the green LED light is blinking
Lock-Out Mode
This feature can be enabled by Master PIN Code. When enabled, it restricts all User PIN codes access except Master PIN code
Low Battery Indicator
The blinking action signals internal 4 AA alkaline batteries are low
Weather Resistant
CR9000 are manufactured making sure that internal electronic parts are protected from moisture, dust water and corrosion. All models are weather resistant for temperature ranges of -30F ~ 150F (-35C ~ +66C) at 85% relative humidity
Touch to Wake-up
Touching the screen activates the touchscreen. Enter the PIN code while the number pad is illuminated

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

CR9000 US26D Satin Chrome, Standard, Standard
CR9000 US26 Bright Chrome, Standard, Standard
CR9000 US10B Standard, Oxidized Satin Bronze, Standard
CR9000 US3 Bright Brass, Standard, Standard
CR9000 US4 Satin Brass, Standard, Standard
DOV9000 US26D Satin Chrome, Standard, Dover
DOV9000 US26 Bright Chrome, Standard, Dover
DOV9000 US10B Standard, Oxidized Satin Bronze, Dover
DOV9000 US3 Bright Brass, Standard, Dover
DOV9000 US4 Satin Brass, Standard, Dover
MAN9000 US26D Satin Chrome, Standard, Manhattan
MAN9000 US26 Bright Chrome, Standard, Manhattan
MAN9000 US10B Standard, Oxidized Satin Bronze, Manhattan
MAN9000 US3 Bright Brass, Standard, Manhattan
MAN9000 US4 Satin Brass, Standard, Manhattan

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Cal-Royal CR9000 Series Digital Touch Screen Door Lock

Cal-Royal CR9000 Series Digital Touch Screen Door Lock

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