Cal-Royal DB5000 Series Grade 2 Electronic Deadbolts


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Details: Cal-Royal DB5000 Series Grade 2 Electronic Deadbolts


  • Apple and Android Compatible — iPhone 4S or above with iOS 8.0 and above. Android 4.3 or above with Bluetooth Low Energy capability.
  • Gateway Connectivity — optional gateway device to connect compatible locks to the internet, so users can manage locks remotely.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity — lock can be managed / synced using the K3 (Apple) and K3 (Android phones without NFC) and K3+ (Android phones with NFC) app.
  • Admin Phone — a lock can only have one Administrator Phone at a time. Only smartphones are used as an Administrator. One admin phone can manage up to 250 deadbolts.
  • Access Log (Audit Trail) — the K3 app features a 24 / 7 activity log, so you can keep track of who accessed the lock. A timestamped access log can be shared by the Admin phone via email. 10,000 audit trail entries.
  • Optional Auto Re-locking — Admin has the option to set time for deadbolt to automatically re-lock, from 10-250 seconds.
  • Passage Mode — disable auto re-locking feature.
  • Restricted Access Right — DB5000 can be programmed to specify the access period or intervals of users
  • Weather Resistant — the DB5000 is designed to ensure that the internal electronic parts are protected from moisture, dust, water and corrosion. All models are weather resistant with operating temperature of +149°F to -4°F (+65°C to -20°C) and storage temperature of +176°F to -22°F (+80°C to -30°C).
  • Low Battery Warning — when voltage is lower than safety power, the deadbolt gives warning beeps after successfully unlocking the device.
  • Smart L / R Learning — DB5000 can test and learn the handing of the door.
  • Door Jam Protector — if the bolt fails to retract or project, due to any obstacles (e.g. door frame is not aligned with the door), DB will detect it and will stop turning the motor after a few tries. This is to prevent it from over-heating which could cause permanent damage to the circuit boards.
  • Key / Thumb-turn Turning Detector — when operating the deadbolt by mechanical ways such as using keys or turning the thumb-turn, DB will detect it and include it in the access log.

Technical Specs

Operating Voltage
4x AA 1.5V Alkaline
Operating Temperature
+149°F to -4°F (+65°C to -20°C)
Storage Temperature
+176°F to -22°F (+80°C to -30°C)
User ID Capacity
1 Admin + 49 Client Phones

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

DB5000 US26D Satin Chrome
DB5000 US15 Satin Nickel
DB5000 US10B Oxidized Satin Bronze
DB5000 US3 Bright Brass


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Cal-Royal DB5000 Series Grade 2 Electronic Deadbolts

Cal-Royal DB5000 Series Grade 2 Electronic Deadbolts

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