Yale YE Edge Series Deadbolt


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Details: Yale YE Edge Series Deadbolt

  • Warranty - 1 year finish & 5 year
  • mechanical operation
  • Meets ANSI Grade 3
  • Removable cylinder - quick and easy
  • re-keying that requires no special tools
  • Brass cylinder plug/housing standard - reduces wear/smooth operation
  • Non-handed levers - lowers inventory needs, minimizes mistakes
  • Finish Availabilty: US3, US10BP,US15, US32D

Available Model Numbers and Combinations

YEDUS3KW-1 Bright Brass, KW-1 Keyway
YEDUS3SC-1 Bright Brass, SC-1 Keyway
YED10BPKW-1 Oil Rubbed Bronze Permanent, KW-1 Keyway
YED10BPSC-1 Oil Rubbed Bronze Permanent, SC-1 Keyway
YEDUS15KW-1 Satin Nickel, KW-1 Keyway
YEDUS15SC-1 Satin Nickel, SC-1 Keyway
YEDUS32DKW-1 Stainless Steel Satin, KW-1 Keyway
YEDUS32DSC-1 Stainless Steel Satin, SC-1 Keyway
YEDBLKKW-1 Black, KW-1 Keyway
YEDBLKSC-1 Black, SC-1 Keyway
YEDUS26DKW-1 Satin Chrome, KW-1 Keyway
YEDUS26DSC-1 Satin Chrome, SC-1 Keyway


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Yale YE Edge Series Deadbolt

Yale YE Edge Series Deadbolt

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